38 Years “Young”

I woke up this morning next to a “woolie bullie”.  My big hairy man is now officially a bullet.  38 Years Old!  Two years away from the BIG 4 0…. Holy cow, when did that happen?

Happy Birthday my love! 

I know that this year is going to be a great one for you and like I said earlier, I cannot imagine anyone else that I would want to do life with.  You are my heart – even though you have this weird habit of taking strange photo’s at weddings and when we’re out at night…

Here’s to the year ahead and lots of fun, love, arguements and making up!

Love you Babe!  (even if you are a bullet)

19 thoughts on “38 Years “Young”

  1. Happy birthday Cliff – may the year ahead be filled with wonderful times and special miracles.
    Love Mich and Allan
    PS. Great meeting you – Allan suggests you don’t celebrate with cheap champagne!! He he


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