Looky looky!!

Last weekend I decided that our garden was in dire need of a major clean up and while I was busy doing this (note Saffy’s bone in the bottom left hand corner, not only was I cleaning up the garden I was also entertaining the hound 😉 )

I found some really interesting things – like this stink bug hiding in the ivy growing up our tree (actually I smelt him first, but the discovery still counts right?)

and this Mamma bird sitting on her nest in the same tree.  I got such a fright when I found this Mamma bird, I was cutting the ivy back and all she did was shake out her wings to warn me away from her nest, I nearly fell off the ladder!!

Today I was playing with the hounds under the tree – looky looky!  How quickly they grow!!


10 thoughts on “Looky looky!!

  1. Oh Wow!!! That’s awesome!! How’s your weaver doing?? Ours lost his nest in the storm on Saturday and I haven’t seen him since! I am quite worried about me mate Doug now!!!

    Just love Saffy’s bone!!!


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