We are naughty, naughty!

Hello Internets!

I am Saffy and that squint eyed jack russel is my sister Jazzy.  We’re Mom’s furry babies.  Dad has been away this week and we don’t like that much, even though we love Mom, we like it when both Mom and Dad are at home so we can get lots of love… We’ve been digging in the garden and making craters under the tree and bird bath cos we need Mom to understand that we don’t like it when Dad’s away. (We don’t she likes it any more than we do, but what is a hound to do?)

Last night Mom went to dinner at Aunty Sharon’s house despite the fact that Aunty Sharon had a shitty day (if you can show her some love ya’ll) and she came home very, very late!  While she was gone we figured out how to chew through the cable ties that hold the mesh over the gate which stops us from getting into the front garden.  Then we were delighted to figure out that Mom had forgoten to lock the pedestrian gate so we had a johl in the complex.  We ran and sniffed to our heart’s delight!!  And the best thing is that Mom ws none the wiser to our little adventure until she got home at midnight… As she pulled up to the house she noticed that the pedestrian gate was open and her heart stopped for a few seconds cos she thought that there were people on the property but we came running up to her car all excited and barking with joy.  She opened her door and we jumped in.  My little sister Jazzy jumped right back out and Mom was SO cross but she could not shout at her cos it was midnight and all the other people who live around us were sleeping already…

Mom got me inside the yard and then had to run around the complex roads to catch Jazz – that was funny to watch cos she could not call loudly and Jazz was running away from her all the time.  Finally Mom caught her and when she came inside the yard she was spitting mad.  She groaned out loud at the state of the gate and cursed herself for forgetting to lock the pedestrian gate… She told us that he heart was racing and she was pooping herself cos if we had got completely lost Dad would have KILLED her!

She put us to bed, but we did not want to sleep – our adventure was SO exciting we wanted to jump up and down and tell her all about it.  She was having none of that… Sometimes she is so strict!!  And honestly if she had just stayed home none of this would have happened right? Anyway after calming us down and letting us drink lots of water (we were so thirsty, adventures are hard work) we finally went to sleep.

Mom was very blurry eyed this morning but still fixed the mesh over the gate with new cable ties… Darn it.  Now how we supposed to have a new adventure?

13 thoughts on “We are naughty, naughty!

  1. Oooohh serves Mommy right for deserting you!!! But glad you’re all back safe & sound!!

    Sam, my lot also punish us for staying out late by digging up the front garden, it’s fine if the nanny is there but the minute there’s no one at home my Dane Daisy gets a digging!!! Urgghh!!!

    Just glad they’re ok! The little escape artists!!!!


  2. Oh dear, Aunty Sharon is so sorry for keeping your Mommy away for so long. I hope you don’t mind too much, cos I really needed her last night, besides, sounds like you two had a great time, much to your Mom’s disgust.
    Keep enjoying the adventures!


  3. I don’t believe for a minute that those 2 cuties could cause so much trouble. LOL. I’m glad they are back safe and sound and hope you get a better rest tonight.

    Our old geriatric golden escaped a few months ago. I’m guessing he was only gone for 5 minutes or so and he walked back in the house and plopped on the floor for the rest of the day. Poor old guy. (:


  4. Hi,

    They are so cute!! Everyone needs a litte adventure from time to time, Mommy!!!

    I have two black spanials and they are my babies!!



  5. What a naughty bunch!! But the adventure was worht the wrath of mom!! Aunty Sharon – I’m sure was glad of the company when she needed it but hey the pooches needed their mom too, right?
    Wish I could have seen oyu chasing Jazz around the complex at midnight Sam, must admit I think I would have had a sense of humour failure too. But its vey funny to read!! See you next week.Love an’ hugs


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