Erm, AF is that you?

Right so before going away to Clarens two weekends ago I found myself in a bit of a quandry – do I take the little pink pills and allow AF to come over a weekend that could potentially be used to actually have sex reconnect with my husband or do I control my cycle and take two packs back to back keeping AF away and use the weekend to actually have sex reconnect with my husband? 

I took the lovely Flicka’s suggestion and took the pills back to back staving off the arrival of AF (all for nought DH ended up with a bloody tummy bug which put paid to all my reconnecting ideas – grrrr) but now I am a bit confused (and I really should not be confused, my body *really* should have stopped confusing me a long time ago cos hello?  having a 187 day cycle with spotting for 56 days of them is the height of confusing things to deal with right?) cos with 10 more pills to go I have started spotting brown for the last three days… Confusion anyone?

I know it has been a while since AF visited the house of Young, but she has never been that eager to visit in the past (187 day cycle remember?), I for the life of me cannot imagine why on earth is she has become a little over achiever all of a sudden?  Or perhaps I just need to be zen and understand that my body will not work that way it is supposed to and go with the flow? (Hehe, I am pun genius today)

Any ideas?


14 thoughts on “Erm, AF is that you?

  1. Mid cycle spotting can be caused by so many things, from iplantation, to a polyp to a cyst, to MESSING WITH YOUR PILL! 😉 I suggest you give Dr V a shout and hear what he says, perhaps a scan is in order??


  2. Hon,

    I’ve been giving away perfectly good haemaglobin for fifty of the last eighty days. ANd the p-word was meant to temporarily ‘cure’ me.




  3. That happened to me the first tme I took two packs back-to-back. I guess my body wasn’t used to it or something. I’ve been going three packs at a time for a while and that eventually stopped for me (I think it stopped after the first time I took a break and had a period.) Couldn’t hurt to ask a professional, though!


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