Home Alone

I’m alone this week – well if you don’t count the hounds that is.  Beloved is away at a training course on the “arse end of nowhere” (his words not mine) and I am home alone for the entire week. 

It is now my responsibility to get up before sparrows fart to feed the hounds and make tea and it is a sucky, sucky job.  My love, I will *never* take that morning cup of tea for granted ever again!  This morning my alarm went off way to early (which it would normally have done in this situation, but this morning it was exascerbated by the fact that I only got to bed at 23h45 last night!!) and I nearly forgot to turn the alarm off before heading sleepily down the stairs from hell to feed the hounds and put the kettle on.  Thank goodness I remembered two steps down and did not set the alarm off – that would have been unpleasant!  I had visions of Zombie Zam falling down the stairs while alarm screams shrilly and painfully echoing in my sleepy head…

*sigh* And I hate sleeping alone.  The bed feels too big and colder somehow without my man to fill the space… but I’m a big girl and I’m sure I’ll cope… home alone this week with my hairy hounds as company…


6 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Me too! When W was away now for 3 weeks I used the time to browse as much as I wanted to and also to lie on the bed with my eyes closed and my iPod blaring, while living out a fantasy in some far far away land, without being rudely interuptted by his highness or by his whining of why wasn’t I talking to him. Remember, I’m married to one of those men who use more words in a day than a woman does.
    See you Thursday evening!


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