Is this the real me?

Sassy did it.  Then so did Sharon.  So I thought, “what the heck, I wanna do it too…” So I did.

I did the personality test and I am not really sure that it is like me at all… some of the stuff is accurate but maybe it is the real me?  What you think?


Here is your full Personality Profiler report:

This assessment provides a detailed snapshot of your personality type and working style. It’s part of the more extensive Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale psychological assessment.

Based on your answers, what can we say about your style?

People with this style are energetic, determined and driven individuals who set their sights on specific outcomes and are best utilised in short-term project-oriented environments. Impatience, a positive attitude and a high level of tenacity will share their place with enthusiasm towards others, a desire to be well thought of within a group, an appreciation of discussion and vigorous, even, at times, pedantic debate. The desire to focus on outcomes and be recognised for successes and yet, be seen as an effective and contributing member of a team, often creates some conflict and adds to a tendency to become impatient and irritated.

The need to be busy and yet to have a clear focus, to have complete ownership of a particular function or project and, at the same time, gain input from others and interact with people, characterise the major motivators for this person. The inability to pursue an outcome, difficulty in finding the time and opportunity to pursue their work without interruption, or a situation where they are unable to contribute to group goals in a leadership position will all create some degree of stress. They need to be well thought of, recognised for a job well done and given the chance to manage others in the achievement of high quality outcomes. Their stress levels can be aggravated by placing them with people who have a more lackadaisical attitude.

Clarity and recognition are particularly important. They need a balance in their work between having the opportunity to make significant decisions, pursue a particular project or task and then enjoy the opportunity to have social interaction. An ideal environment allows them to have short-term projects they can work on in spurts whilst, at the same time, being open and receptive to different challenges and new activities that arise.

They can achieve a great deal in a short space of time if they can organise themselves effectively. The recognition of the importance of other people is often waylaid to an extent by the degree to which they are focused on their work and determined to achieve high quality outcomes. A tendency towards tunnel vision can be complemented by the enjoyment (once they have moved out of work mode) of other people’s company, and the chance to be the centre of attention within a group. Whilst their style is not likely to be always tactful and can, on occasion, particularly if they are stressed, become argumentative or even aggressive, they are well intentioned unless they perceive that they are being pinpointed for blame. At this time, a more confrontational and defensive style becomes apparent.

Once they are on a pet subject, they can talk at length (and often over others) and with much confidence. Their enjoyment of others depends very much on the amount of stress they are under and the extent to which they have been able to work effectively on their targets and challenges.


People with this style are project people who, nevertheless, enjoy work that involves social contact as well as control of both project planning and operations. As a result, they enjoy people management within a varied project environment. Roles that would appeal include:

Projects Manager; Production Manager; Engineering Manager; Sales Manager; Commissioned Officer (Defence Forces); Coach/Trainer Physical Fitness Instructor; Project Officer; Coach/Trainer

Want to give it a bash?


4 thoughts on “Is this the real me?

  1. Not sure about the jobs they’ve specified, I mean really, you in the defence force I just don’t see. But I do think the personality traits are very much how I perceive you.
    At least you sound nice, mine makes me sound like a power hungry money grabbing b*tch!


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