White Noise in my Head

Oh boy! 

I don’t think my new therapist knew what hit her last night.  It seems I have quite the “thang” going on in my head and now we need to channel it out and get it all sorted.

I’m not going to go into any detail on this blog (well not right now anyway, still trying to get this all processed on my own) but suffice it it say that my step into the therapuetic world was WAY overdue.  I’m a bit of a mess.  But the good news is that I can be fixed.

The one thing that I will say is that I *really* need to work on my lack of ability to cry to release my emotions.  I really battle to have a good drizz.  I could feel the tears well up last night and I immediately fought them back.  I could feel the ugly chin quiver and I forced it back.  I wish I knew how to just let it all spill over and set it free…  The good news is that this can be fixed too 😉

I’m really glad that I took this step.  I know I have some hard sessions ahead of me, but I slept *really deeply* last night and I think it is cos my brain thought to itself “thank goodness she’s giving that white noise somewhere to go”…

Here’s to white noise becoming clear noise and to a good drizz!


11 thoughts on “White Noise in my Head

  1. glad to hear i am not the only one that fights back the tears and fights showing emotion

    good luck with working through everything



  2. Oh dear, I cry at the drop of a hat….

    Glad that your session went well and that you are channeling that “white noise” into somewhere positive. I think we all have our own really deep issues when it comes to all this, I truly hope that this process helps you.

    Love you xxx


  3. Hey Sam – we work so hard at being “brave and strong” and now you have todo the opposite and break it all down again to have a good drizz. So glad that you feeling so much better and slept well. Good luck.
    Love and hugs


  4. Good for you! Therapy really can do wonders for the soul. Crying is a great way to release alot of pent-up energy, dont stop yourself – just let it out!!


  5. I’m like Tam I can cry at the drop of a hat and even at stupid TV adverts!
    You’re going to love that you’ve done this, best thing I ever did.
    Luv & Hugs!


  6. I’m glad you are seeing someone to help work through all these tough feelings. I am living proof that the emotion can be released. My first bout with therapy was for an eating disorder when I was 20. I went through weeks of a full time therapy program without shedding a tear. When it finally surfaced, I thought it would never stop. I promise it is one of the most liberating feelings. Now I cry at everything. Huge hugs.


  7. I identify with the lack of crying. I also seem to keep ‘swallowing’ all the pain and anger. Until I burst. It’s not good. But I have taught myself to use other outlets (like blogging) which is good. But man….there’s nothing like a GOOD cry.


  8. Hi,

    I also don’t cry! Even when Dr G told me that my eggs are useless and I actually wanted to cry – but I did not. I also bottle it up and have felt that I might need a good cry to feel better! Even after 5 years of ttc and 4 failed IVF’s – no tears.

    Maybe I must also go for therapy??


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