Anyone interested?

In my last post asking for business advise some of you suggested that I set up a page on this here blog so that you can see what I’ve done and maybe, just maybe one of you might be interested in placing some orders for Christmas presents 😉

Well look to the sidebar girls – I’ve done a rudimentary page for you to have a look see – let me know what you think…

And be completely honest guys – if I’m going to make a go at this I need to have constructive cristism…


5 thoughts on “Anyone interested?

  1. Your link to the business advice page doesn’t work so I’m not totally sure what kind of advice you’re looking for, but first off, I think they look great. My preference if I bought would be the simpler ones (the green shoots, or the white plate with blue flowers) but that’s just my style and maybe not other people’s. The other thing I’d say is if you wanted to make your life simple, you could look at setting up a shop on Etsy. They’ll do the whole backend/shopping cart thing for you (at a cost of course) but it might save you some headaches.


  2. Absolutely STUNNING! I would definitely buy something from you at a flea-market! I agree about the price guide, it would be good just to know if you are looking at something worth R100 or R1000 and dont short change yourself because I think your work is really, really good!! The detail is what counts and yours is so good ie dragonflies!

    Im looking for white dinner and side plates with something similar to what you have at the top of your blog – flowers and leaves intertwined coming in from the side of the plate – you can send me a quote for 8 each? Can you use WW plates?


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