Toilet Ettiquette

In our offices we have a ladies restroom with three loo’s… I don’t know if it is just here but I have walked into the restroom and subsequently the loo to find someone else in there on a number of occassions!  It freaks my bean!! 

One would think that when you go into a toilet in a PUBLIC place that you would follow the following steps:

  1. Enter toilet cubicle
  2. CLOSE the door
  3. LOCK the door
  4. Pull down pants (or hike up skirt dependant on attire)
  5. Do business
  6. Pull up pants (or hitch down skirt dependant on attire)
  7. Flush loo
  8. Unlock door
  9. Open door
  10. Wash hands and primp in front of mirror if that is your thang…

But NO, here at my place of work the sequence is different, it goes a little something like this:

  1. Enter toilet cubicle
  2. Pull down pants (or hike up skirt dependant on attire)
  3. Get interupted by someone else thinking the loo is free cos the bloody door is NOT CLOSED OR LOCKED!!!!
  4. Glare at said person and mumble “occupied” or “busy” with all your bits hanging out for the earth to see
  5. Do business (grumbling under your breath about how stupid people are to walk in while you’re busy in the TOILET)
  6. Pull up pants (or hitch down skirt dependant on attire)
  7. Flush loo
  8. Walk out (not washing hands – eeewwww – glaring at person who interupted you who *is* washing her hands)

I mean What. The. Heck.


14 thoughts on “Toilet Ettiquette

  1. People that don’t wash their hands freak me out!
    I’m so germaphobic I have to lather the soap on my hands while singing happy birthday, only once I get to the end of the song do I allow myself to rinse my hands! 🙂


  2. Oh yuk

    Lock the door, indeed…

    and on that note, one hospital staff toliet I worked at used to have this door between the stalls and the sinks. so there was NO WAY to get out without touching something that other unwashed hands had touched….



  3. Aaaaagh, I HATE when people don’t wash their hands, especially at work…cause then you have a meeting with them, and they try to hand you a file folder and you get totally skeeved cause you know their fingers are all toilety, and want to spit on them or at least douse them in antibacterial gel, but you cant, cause you have to remain professional so you just take the file folder and spend the rest of the meeting sitting on your hands so you dont accidentally put a finger in your mouth or something. Ewwwwww.

    here from iclw…bwhahaha


  4. I don’t get people not washing their hands. Nasty folks! Personally I won’t touch the handle on the door out. I think all bathroom doors should swing out so you can just push out with your hip or shoulder and not touch anything. I was once stuck in a bathroom because there were no paper towels. I was wearing a tank top so I couldn’t use it to open the door in fear that at that very moment someone would try to come in and see me standing there with my belly exposed as I had my hand wrapped in my shirt to open the door. So I stood by the door until someone came in and I could catch the door with my foot. A little obsessive…maybe… but I’ve seen too many people walk out without washing their hands.


  5. Oh Yuck!!! That is just soo soo wrong!! I usually take a piece of loo roll & use that to open the door and throw it away after I have wiped the taps and then I was my hands!! I know slightly OCD……


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