A little weird

Those who know me know that I have dreams that have a tendancy to come true. 

I had a dream about my close friend (the one who I posted about here a while back) that she was pregnant and that she had just found out she was having a little boy.  I told her the next day over coffee that I dreamt she was pregnant and she told me that was not possible as she and her husband were not trying…  Six weeks later she told me that she was seven weeks pregnant.  She went on to birth her son 35 weeks later (he was 2 weeks overdue).  I then had a dream about another friend of mine who was going through IVF (she has no tubes) and I dreamt that she was pregnant with twins and I kept on “seeing” her with a pigeon pair.  I was severely disappointed when her first IVF came back negative but two months later with her second IVF she got a positive beta and was pregnant with twins!  I got the pigeon pair wrong though as she ended up with twin daughters… I then dreamt again of my friend who had her son and dreamt that she was pregnant with a daughter.  At twelve weeks pregnant she called me to say that she was expecting again and that the gynae told her she thought it was a girl…  I’ve got a good trend going here don’t I?

The thing is that I’ve never dreamt of myself being pregnant – ever.  Not once in our over four year journey have I ever dreamt that I will be pregnant.  I’ve hoped, prayed, undergone treatment after treatment but have never dreamt of myself as pregnant.  I’ve often irrationally thought that because I’ve never dreamed it for myself that it would not happen for me… until last night. 

Last night I had a really weird dream.  I dreamt that I was in hospital for some reason and that the doctors were treating me with antibiotics and I had drips hooked up and everything and my uterus was really sore… no-one could figure out what was wrong with me… everyone was looking really worried… then all of a sudden someone asked if I could be pregnant?  I laughed in their face and said me? pregnant?  no way!  But then someone slathered gel all over my belly and used the dildo cam (why on earth would they slather jelly on my belly if they used the dildo cam I have no cooking clue, but anyways I digress) and there was a beautiful baby in my tummy… they declared me 6 weeks 5 days along (also weird cos the baby inside was not a blob but had the classic side view profile shot going down) and I cried and cried and cried… and then I woke up.

I’m thinking that this is just a little weird right?  It seems that as much as I say I am on a ttc break and that I am focusing on not being the infertile couple that my subconscious is still focused on us having that baby…

It will be interesting to see if my dream of my baby is prophetic or not… I’m hoping it is – all of it except the being in hospital undiagnosed that is… 😉


16 thoughts on “A little weird

  1. Well…you never know. Just please don’t end up in the hospital…! Funny about the belly gel and the dildo cam though.

    I once had a friend in high school who had a dream her mother , who was 46, was pregnant, and then had a baby girl. She told her the next morning and her mom started laughing hysterically….At 46 with both kids going off to college she was done having kids…….but she found out she was pregnant that week. Incredible.


  2. I hope that it’s a good sign sweetie!!

    I have the same kind of thing, I either dream it or just wake up with that feeling about friends/people and pregnancy (not always but often – I only get it once they are pregnant, sometimes they don’t even know yet – it’s a curse I tell ya!) but the interesting thing is that I have always been wrong about me, I have dreamt of me being pregnant, of me holding my baby and all sorts but they never seem to come true….maybe one day.

    Big hugs for you sweet girl!


  3. That is very wierd. The night before testing for my second IVF I dreamt it was positive not really sure if that counts coz I guess I had a 50% chance it was true – oh well! I often have baby dreams, and I feel the babies I dream about are mine – a boy and a girl. How I wish…..


  4. WIth your track record I hope your dream is right!

    I’ve had a dream that my SIL (has PCOS) and BIL have two children a boy and a girl, and in that dream I have no children. I’m telling her’s to go tell mommy they love her, but no where in sight do I have children.

    I’ve had dreams in which I’ve given birth, but once the baby is “born” they disappear and I never see them or hold them.

    Again I hope your dream is right 🙂


  5. i am a big believer in the power of dreams. while i’m not as spot on as you with your predictions, i’ve had my share of fore sights…freaky but cool. hopefully all the positive aspects of your dream come true!



  6. the whole time we were ttc i never once dreamt that i was pregnant. and i didn’t even when i won the greatest lottery–except for once. i dreamt we were having the cutest little hispanic baby. which was funny because we are both white as white can be. i chalked it up to too much mexican food.
    so even if you don’t *it* can still very well happen. and holy moly i sure hope it does.


  7. I hope your dream comes true (minus the being in the hospital and on an IV part!). I too tend to have almost prophetic dreams and had my only pregnant dream before I got a positive beta.
    Here from ICLW. 🙂


  8. OOh Ooh, please let this be a prophetic dream!!! Wouldn’t that just be awesome???

    I have pregnant dreams about myself often but then again my dreams aren’t prophetic… reckon I’m just soo desperate it haunts my sleep as well!!!


  9. Oh I hope so too. I always dream that I am pregnant. Right around Af time.. It is a real bummer when I’m not.

    I am hoping it comes true for you very soon… Minus the scary hospital stuff.


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