7 Yesterday…

Time sure flies… 7 years ago yesterday I had driven from Joburg to Rustenburg with a hangover from hell due to a huge party I had had the night before to celebrate the fact that I was becoming an aunt… I had to have the windows rolled down in my car cos the alchol fumes were threatening to make me pass out one minute and vomit the next… I made it to the hospital in one piece and ran inside… my sister was still in theatre and my Dad took me to the hospital canteen to soak up some of the alchol with a greasy burger…

Finally we got the news that Michelle had delivered a beautiful baby girl!  We ran (ok so I slothed my way) to the room and hugged her and kissed her and we were so happy!  BUT there was no baby in the room – my gorgeous neice was born via c-section and was in her incubator… MORE WAITING!!!  After what felt like 500 years (but was only 4 hours, hangover brain extends minutes into years) the nurse wheeled this cute monkey into the room and we all goo’ed and gaa’ed over her little crib… My sister in her bed behind us asking to see her baby cos she too had not really seen her properly yet… My Dad crying, my Mom refusing to hand over the baby and me… holding my breath until I turned blue cos I was too scared to breathe on the child and teach her WAY to quickly about being drunk… what a great day it turned out to be!

Happy 7th Birthday child of my heart!  Aunty Sam loves you lots and lots like jelly tots!!


12 thoughts on “7 Yesterday…

  1. Great story! My 2nd daughter was taken out before I could see her. That is awful trying to wait. My first I was able to see for about a minute before she was taken away.

    Happy birthday to your niece!


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