Sometimes ppl should just keep quiet!

I’m pleased to say that the kitchen counters are fixed to my satisfaction *and* Cliff thanked me for being an anal retentive wife cos he thinks the new one is better (trying so hard not to say “I told you so” but babe, “I told you so!!”)… thankfully we can put that little debacle behind us!

In other news I went to my cousin’s son’s birthday party yesterday… now all of my family know we’ve been battling to fall pregnant for a looonng time, but sometimes people should just keep quiet… after being told that we are seeking fertility treatment one of the other mum’s advised me to try clomid – according to her it is fail proof… erm, well lovies been there tried that nearly 4 years ago and believe me it is most certainly *not* fail proof…

Then as we were leaving my cousin’s husband tells us to just keep on having fun trying – I mean come on!  He knows we’ve been through 1 x fresh IVF cycle and 1 x frozen cycle this year alone and I’ve explained in detail how sex does not get me pregnant!!  Then my uncle tells me that I must not be a “goodie two shoes” in bed, as soon as I act like a “slut in bed” I’ll fall pregnant… really??  REALLY???

You would think that sometimes people would rather just keep quiet!


21 thoughts on “Sometimes ppl should just keep quiet!

  1. OMW! Why am I always surprised at peoples comments? Good grief you had to endure some shockers!!! Sorry you had to go through that. So glad your kitchen counters are sorted out!!!


  2. Oh, wow. Rude! I got a lot of really stupid ones, too. My favorite was “Maybe if you stop trying so hard it’ll happen.” That came from my 21 year old sister in law who got knocked up on accident before they were married. Don’t you just want to punch ’em in the kisser?

    Good news on the cabinets!!! Never settle for less than perfect!


  3. Seriously, some people are just to dumb for their own good and have no clue when to shut up. I’m so sorry you had to hear all of that. As if kid’s b-day parties aren’t hard enough sometimes, let’s all throw a little more salt in that wound, huh?

    I know you will get there, Sam. Screw ’em. Huge hugs.


  4. Oh my goodness…what f$$^%** idiots! Don’t worry…I got the “you do know you have to have s*x to fall pregnant don’t you?” line about a week ago…I cannot stand ignorant people. Uggghhhhh! Chin up Sam…(((hugs)))


  5. Good one Maritza. I just can’t believe that people are so F$%#&^& ingnorant – and if they are why they can’t shut up aboiut issues that they clearly know nothing about. I have an “infertile” friend who has told me on a few occasions that if we relax and try to forget then we will just fall pregnant. Duh!!???
    Love and hugs and glad your kitchen looks beautiful


  6. lol – the things ppl say, when they think they’re being helpful!

    good luck, i’m sure all this IVF stuff is expensive!



  7. OMG – I hate those comments!

    Clomid is certainly not foolproof! And being a slut? I never felt sluttier than when I was trying relentlessly, having sex all the time, even when I had no desire for it at all, like the baby would be my salary for such prostitute-like behavior!


  8. Urgghhh, opinions are like a$$holes everyone’s got one!!! Shame Honey, of all the things!!!

    Just glad your kitchen counter nightmare has been sorted out!!!


  9. Oh Boy! I could rant about this for AGES! It just boggles my mind how people can say what they say. I can’t understand why they just can’t say – “I am sorry this has happened to you” and move on. Really people!!!


  10. I agree, some people should just keep quiet. Isn’t it funny how we all have stories of fertile peoples “pearls of wisdom” lately, I mean….HELLO, WTF are people thinking?!!


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