More Kitchen Counter Drama

So last night I get home after my weekly ceramics class – all nice and relaxed and happy cos I did some hot work last night, and I walk into the kitchen… At first glance all looks as it should – new counters installed but on closer inspection I felt my blood boil…

On the left hand side of our kitchen we have a long counter that goes over our drawers, with our stove top next to the drawers work area and a large work area to the left of the stove top.  This area where we cut all out stuff that we’re going to cook has a JOIN in it right down the middle of the work area!  Plus the join is NOT 100% even…. So I point this out to my let’s just accept this darling husband who tells me it is not that big a deal and that even though it is not 100% he is happy to live with it… *EXPLOSION*

We get into this big arguement about how I cannot believe that he is happy to accept an inferior standard of work considering that we are he is spending a considerable amount of money on this (which we could have used elsewhere, say for our next IVF or for re-doing our back area outside the kitchen door, or on a spa day for me etc etc etc) and that never in my life have I seen a kitchen counter with a join in the work area.  Then I pull out my trump card and state that if we ever need to sell our house that join is going to come back to bite us in the ass because that is something that potential buyers would see and would undercut our asking price based on the fact that they would have to re-do that counter, but still my let’s just accept this darling husband cannot see what I am so upset about and then said “I’m not as anal as you”…  After much to-ing anf fro-ing we agreed that he would send a letter of complaint (after I proof read it to make sure our ire was sufficiently covered – anal you bet your ass!) to the owner of the kitchen place we’re using… But I was still not happy with that darn join in the counter…

This morning our domestic worker came in and the FIRST thing she noticed – the join in the kitchen counter!!!!  So I called my let’s just accept this darling husband and told him that under no circumstances  terms am I living with the kitchen counter like that and that if he won’t deal with it I will… 

Cliff has called the pit of hell that causes heart failure and elevated blood pressure kitchen place and the owner guy is making a plan…

To be continued….


11 thoughts on “More Kitchen Counter Drama

  1. Oh this made me laugh! But only because I can just picture me and hubby having the same argument. It’s not always a blessing to have a ‘relaxed’ husband.


  2. Agreed. U paid for it, it should be to your standards. Screw that, they can come on SATURDAY so as not to inconvenience you to redo the shitty job.


  3. OH wow.. you are really having difficulty with these counters!!! I would be furious! We have a few joins but, in very incospicous areas since our counter is L shaped. It would never accept on in the middle of the work surface and espeically if you can see it! You should never be able to see it that badly. Mine are like a 16th of an inch!

    What material did they work with, Granite, stone, formica?


  4. I would make them repair it post haste!!! Not acceptable AT ALL. You should never see a joint in the middle of a long counter, you are not being unreasonable AT ALL. And your point about selling is completely spot on. Fight for you right to perfection!


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