Two things have seriously annoyed me in the last two days and when I think of it I can actually feel my blood pressure rising resulting in a rush of heat to my cheeks and a raised pulse rate….

First Grrrr factor:

Cliff and I have been considering for a while to have our kitchen counters redone as we needed the one to extend over our dishwasher and the one by the kitchen sink was beginning to warp underneath due to the water in it from the sink… so off my handy hubby goes to get a quote for the counters to be done… it was reasonably priced so we decided to go ahead with the counter revamp… I asked my dear hubby if he was sure that they had the right colour of the counter and he said yes of course (despite the fact that they had not been to our house to check the colour)… so last week they came in and lo and behold they have the WRONG colour and cannot complete the job as the other two counters would be a different colour but no major issues they told us they would order the correct colour and come back… then came the call to say that the colour we have is no longer in distribution and that they could do a colour that was similar, so we decided to have all the counters redone… they came yesterday to replace the counters but holy moly, the world conspired against us and the darn workmen made a huge stuff up!  They cut the wrong piece of counter for the area over the stove and ended up having to use the other piece to extend over the dishwasher… and then they did not put a side backing on the extension… and the one counter was longer than the area needed in the stove area… I got home to an unfinished sloppy job with the promise that they would come back today (resulting in Cliff having to take a half day so that they can get into our house)… They better have finished the counters properly today!! I cannot imagine what people who are building have to deal with if this is the kind of workmanship one gets when all you’re doing is replacing your kitchen counters…

Second Grrrr factor:

On the 01st September I drew cash from a Standard Bank ATM, after much whirring and buzzing I get this slip stating that due to a technical error it could not dispense the cash… stupid me I try the same machine again thinking it is a once off – but again same result much noise but no money… I checked my bank account online and lo and behold they had taken the money off my account and charged me a large service fee to boot – but I was cashless… These things happen so I called my bank and told them my sob story only to be told I have to go into a branch of the bank, fill out a dispute form and within 72 hours I should have my money back… well I still don;t have my money!!  Today I went back to the bank to chase this up (why does one have to chase everything up?  why can the system not just work the way it is supposed to?) and was told that this bank has an issue with their system which cashes up their ATM’s and they are not at this stage able to reconcile their opening and closing balances to see if the ATM is over or short for that day and that it could take up to 8 weeks for me to get my money back!!  SO, they took my money in a matter of 2 minutes but it is going to take nearly 80 640 minutes for me to get my (MY) money back…  I am beyond annoyed at this little detail of my life as you can well imagine…

What in your life has given you the “Grrrrr’s” of late?


8 thoughts on “Grrrrr….

  1. Oh, those are some serious “Grrrrrrr” moments!!!!
    My husband works in the ATM business and they should be able to help you more than that! Those machines are usually counted every single day. What a pain in the arse.
    My biggest “Grrrrrr” moment lately has been hearing stories about babies dying in daycare. I have heard like 5 in the past 2 months and being that I will be putting mine in daycare after he/she gets here, I am suddenly feeling extremely protective about it. GRRRRRR!!!! And I cannot stay home with the baby because our infertility debt is too great for one salary to cover. GRRRRRR!!!!!
    (thanks for letting me vent!)


  2. I don’t know Sam, sounds like a bullshit story to me. The ATM systems are quite high tech, I think you should take it higher, or even the ombudsman. Really? 8 weeks!!! Not on!
    Hope your kitchen counters get sorted out ASAP. I’m astounded at the level of workmanship we have to deal with, c’mon people, it can’t be that hard to try your best!


  3. Grr.. that ATM thingy is annoying. How about this… the railroad station.. twice in the past year.. has taken out double for the monthly ticket (each ticket it about 230$). Then it took them over a week to give back the money that they, basically, stole from our checking account. We called the local news and exposed them.

    But most recently.. grrr.. to my SIL who just emailed me about how hard this fertility thing is after her second month trying. I sent her a link to my blog to get some perspective. I love her though.


  4. Oh my hat Sam!!! Firstly, I would have had SH*T fit if I’d come home to that sloppy job. I know we discussed this in length this morning on MSN, and are in agreement, nothing but perfection is good enough, thank you very much.
    As for the money, perhaps you should ask the bank if they’re going to pay you back with interest,I mean if you owed them money for 8 weeks they’d charge you so why shouldn’t it work the other way. Its unacceptable, I sommer get cross for you!


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