Weaver Beaver

We have this weaver who comes to nest every year in our tree in our garden.  I love it when birds make their homes in our garden but this weaver – he is just plain crazy…  Last year, the weaver built 12 (yes 12) nests in our tree but to our knowledge this poor little guy has never actually ever been able to breed in any one of his nests that he so carefully and lovingly constructs… 

But I love him and I am tickled pink that he thinks our home is good enough to be his home and a place where he can bring his little chick weavers into the world year after year after year…

Just like this little bird, I too believe our home is a good home for little ones – let’s hope and pray that this happens for both weaver beaver and us in our next respective breeding seasons… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Weaver Beaver

  1. Gorgeous pics Sam! We don’t have Weaver nests in our garden, they just come and steal all the Palm Fronds off our tree’s for their nests! :-0


  2. You have an OCD Weaver? ! I envy you. Birds disdain my garden, despite food items hanging for them. Might be something to do with my little ball of fluff, ‘Harry’ camoflaging himself not very well and leaping on anything feathered he can.


  3. Hey Sammy

    We’ve also got a Weaver who we’ve dubbed Doug, he’s been visiting and making crazy nests for the last 8 years, and still no mate!! They all just tear his nest apart and he starts all over again! It broke my heart last year cause I can really see that his technique has definitely improved but alas no luck!!! This year I’ve decided to make the environment more attractive for his prospective girlfriend and will be putting up a bird bath and feeder close to his tree but not too close!! Wish us luck!! OMW I’m playing cupid to a Weaver!!

    I am soo soo hoping that this year will be his year as well as yours, ours and everybody elses!!!


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