Homemade Pasta Ya’ll

A couple of weeks ago I went with some girlfriends to a morning “learn how to make pasta” class…

It was great fun and the pasta was delicious, the only gripe I had about the class was that we did not *actually* get to make the pasta ourselves – we got the recipe and then watched the lady conducting the class mix the dough and got to eat a whole range of yummy pasta dishes (that part of the class I can highly reccomend)…

As it turns out the lady told us about some really good quality pasta machines that were being sold by one of my mom’s sister companies and I arranged with her to get one pasta machine per girlfriend at a reduced rate so that we too could make our own delicious home made pasta…

Today my mom delivered the way cool pasta machines and I decided to try my hand at making pasta! 

The recipe is SO easy – cake flour, eggs, oil and water!  But the mixing thereof and getting the consistency just right – well that was not so easy.  But in the end with enough persavererence I got it so that it could be worked with…

Then it was onto rolling it though the pasta machine, this really is a lot of fun but the rolling it through and catching it underside takes some getting used to and dexterity… especially for a co-ordless person like myself 😉  But after a good few practice runs I managed to get it going and soon was rolling those pasta sheets like a pro!  Then I ran them through the spaghetti and fusilli rollers (just for the fun of it cos seeing that flat sheet come out in thin little stips is *so* thrilling – yes I am a dork…)

After cutting the pasta I cooked them in salty water for 2 – 3 minutes and put some yummy bolognaise sauce over the top and served it to my ever eager for food darling husband.

And the verdict?


10 thoughts on “Homemade Pasta Ya’ll

  1. Nice work…very impressive! We had a pasta afternoon at my sister’s a couple of weeks ago – loads of fun and homemade pasta beats any other!!!


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