Whoa Nelly!

I need to share something with you…. something TMI…

I’ve been neglecting the “care” of the lady bits of late but in defense it has been winter and a little extra warmth is always called for…. and it’s not like there has been much action (dildo cam and FET transfer aside) happening down there… and my beautician is in a rather inconvenient location now (she’s on the other side of the city close to where I *used* to work)…. and I have been pretty lazy on this front to be honest…

Ok it’s not like I have not, not been trimming to keep it relatively neat and tidy but when I got out the shower this morning and looked at myself in the mirror I had a visions of this…


And considering that I’m going with my girlfriends to the spa in 2 weeks time, me thinks it is clearly time to get myself to the wax place and I’m not talking Madam Tussauds *cough cough*


4 thoughts on “Whoa Nelly!

  1. LOL, I can’t help but giggle. Let’s at least hope you’re not as bad as me…. lady bits don’t stand a chance when not even the legs have seen a blade in oh let’s say more than a month. I think they’re getting a little jealous of my pits really…. teehee!


  2. Eerhm, I don’t even do that anymore, you know what works wonders? Men’s hair clippers, no attachment, nice close shave without the rash, cojak style u know! 🙂
    I have a great beauty therapist in Brynaston if u need one closer, I know she’s good, I trained her!! 😉


  3. Sorry, I could barely read this post for the over-forestation of your lady-garden.

    Snip snip (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I had the exact same thought to day and got the hedge clippers out).


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