Still stunned

I played golf on Sunday with my hubby and his brother in some seriously windy conditions.  Man alive, my poor little balls did not stand a chance against the might of the bluster of Mother Nature!  The boys still managed to put in a decent enough score despite the wind but what really has me stunned is the amazing blessing that Cliff and I got from his brother and his wife that day…

In as much as we are on a ttc break, we are still in the very real process of paying off IVF and FET # 1 and are also considering how we are going to pay for IVF # 2…  The good thing is that I pay my last car repayment in the month of October (yeeha!!) and whilst I at first had visions of going on a HUGE shopping spree with the addtional cash that would give me, I put on my “big girl panties” and thought about how that would really help us start up our IVF fund.  I am also trying to get myself a stand at a Christmas fare where I can sell my ceramics and add that cash to the IVF fund as well… but even with this extra cash coming in we’ll still be a few several thousand rands short when push comes to stimulation, and that shortfall was most likely going to have to come out of our mortgage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the person in our house who feels that money is just money and that we’ll end up paying it off in good time and it will be money well spent once we get our children, and that God will provide no matter what, but the fact is that I also have to be a mature adult about it and know that if we can save money elsewhere to plump up the fund, then that this is what needs to be done… BUT, I digress…

So at the halfway house during our windy golf game on Sunday while I was eating a boerewors roll that had clearly seen better days, my brother in law casually pipes up that when Cliff and I are ready for our next treatment that he and his wife would like to contibute some money, and that it in no way is it a loan and that one day we’ll be in the position to help someone else in the same way or they will need us to help them out and so on and so forth… well I immediately felt the tears rush to my eyelids and nearly choked on my road kill food when he told us how much they wanted to contribute. 

Suffice it to say that it is a really substantial amount of money and I am literally still stunned…

We had dinner with them on Sunday night and thanked them both profusely, but I am still at a complete loss as to how we are going to Thank them for this blessing that we have received.  I know that this is God providing for our needs next year and I am so overwhelmed with grattitude that I cannot express it well enough…

How would you thank them?


18 thoughts on “Still stunned

  1. Oh WOW Sam!! I am not sure how I would say thank you.. but I think they are awesome to want to help you like that!! God is Good and He does provide for our needs! Be blessed as you enjoy knowing that your needs are taken care of by someone who loves you and is so much greater than us!


  2. Hey! I have a family member who is offering to do the same for us, and I am really not sure how to thank someone for such a huge gift.
    It’s a tough one! But it is SUCH a wonderful gesture.


  3. wow. That is so wonderful & amazing. I think the best thank you is just keeping them involved with the process. They obviously care very much about becoming an Aunt & Uncle and that is just all kinds of beautiful.


  4. A freaking mazing! What a blessing!

    I love hearing stories of this how family help each other, if every family looked after someone in their family like your BIL is lookig after you, this world will be a much better place.

    As someone that has been in the helping position myself, it is rather akward being thanked for your giving, seeing that mostly people don’t give to receive thanks, they give because they want to, no strings attached. I do however know how it feels to receive something amazing and know that it is hard not to express yourself. Personally I appreciate a personal letter (expressing thanks) ’cause it is something you both can cherish for a lifetime. Nothing more beautiful than reading heartfelt words of thanks.


  5. I don’t know how to thank them… but, that is amazing, truely. Maybe making them godparents or something would be a wonderful gesture? I have no idea if you even do that??? But that would be nice.


  6. How lovely, God IS good. A letter/nicecard and some flowers I am sure would be well-received.

    My Mum and Dadd arrived one christmas, with a curious little box as one of their presents to us. My Dad insisted we open it Christmas Eve. It contained a large amount of cash (Dad is a bit old fashioned!). Unbelievable and wonderful.

    That went towards our next IVF. Which turned into Alice. xxx


  7. What an amazing gift! I think that if it were me, and the IVF worked, I would offer to give the baby one of their names as a middle name. It would be a way to honor what they did for you. I know some people would think that was extreme but so is donating a large sum of money to make your dream come true.


  8. An incredible gift. Wow. I think the best ‘thank you’ is by doing exactly what they said. One day, when you are in the same position, you pass on the kindness to someone else in need. They sound like that is all they would ever want in the way of a ‘thank you’. It makes me smile to know that there are good people in the world. 🙂


  9. Pay it forward, just like they wanted you to. And when that moment comes, be sure to let them know what it was. Everyone should be so lucky to have family like yours. Not for the financial gift, but for the understanding and the compassion, and the desire to want to be there for you. Thank YOU for being one of the good people (especially one of the ones who stops in every now and again on my blog!).

    btw – “…my poor little balls did not stand a chance against the might of the bluster of Mother Nature!” … I about fell off my bed laughing when I read that!


  10. That is so wonderful of them. I don’t know how to thank someone properly for that kind of help other than to make it clear just how appreciated it is. What a lovely gesture on their part.



  11. Sam, that is amazing. I don’t think there are words or gifts one can give to say thanks for such an act.
    So, how about asking them to be the Gaurdians/God parents of the baby?
    I think Kymberli’s idea of paying it forward is also a definite!


  12. Oh my goodness, wow. What amazing people to make such an offer. I would absolutely make sure to plan to do the same for someone else later, start a savings account for that very goal and make sure you follow through no matter what.
    God blesses us so that we can bless others.


  13. I’m not a religious fanatic, and yet I’m spiritual enough to see God’s hand in a myriad of events, including this extraordinarily generous offer. In fact, while reading it, I kept thinking of Hannah in the Bible and how she promised Eli that she’d turn her son over to God (or to the temple or something like that) if only she could have a child. She had Samuel, and after he was weaned, she brought him to Eli. What I’m thinking is that the greatest way to repay your in-laws is to turn your child over to God…or rather for you to to enage in the all-out process of making him (or her) as happy, well-adjusted, and “good” as possible.


  14. When the husband’s parents gave us some money for our second treatment, we offered to give them 1 fifth of the baby if it worked. We offered them the ASS as it was the fifth we didn’t want:-)

    Congrats on such awesome family, isn’t it nice when people are just so amazingly generous?!


  15. That’s wonderful news sweetie, at least it takes some of the stress of the next IVF away a bit.

    My in-laws gave us money for our first IVF, we were incredibly thankful and said that we would pay them back, they didn’t want the money back and have since then contributed to our other treatments too, we do feel guilty and we’ve chatted to them about it – the answer we get is that it hurts them to see what we are going thru and this is the only way that they can help.

    Also, i know how much joy our children will bring them when they are here so in a way they will feel like they’re helping us create the most beautiful gift ever!!


  16. Wow, Sam!! What an awesome gift. Although they don’t want a big thank you or anything, I would probably write them a heartfelt letter of appreciation. I’m a sap with this kind of stuff. (:

    You really have some wonderful people in your lives. I’m so happy for you.


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