Statistically Unlucky…

… that is what Cliff and I are according to our wonderful doc.  We finally had our FET post mortem with him last week Thursday (sorry I have been so quiet was on a conference and worked at the annual golf day yesterday – having blog withdrawls) and it went as well as can be expected when you are again facing your FS after a negative result.

We discussed the failed FET and all things considered the negative result was not that surprising to them or us mostly due to the fact that frozen embryo’s lose 50% of their viablility due to the freezing and the clinic considers any pregnancies from FET’s to be extremely special and “lucky”.  I asked my doc if I should be worried that my uterus is crap and he told me not to be concerned about that at this stage – they cleared the endo and it looks good and my lining has always been excellent, that is when he dropped the “unlucky” bombshell… According to him we *should* have been pregnant on my fresh cycle cos all things were in our favour, good response to meds, great egg harvest, excellent quality embryos – just bad luck.  He is not sitting on his laurels though, cos as he said my age is on their side and he really feels that the “young” girls (I told him not to forget beautiful – young *and* beautiful 😉 ) really should be the “lucky” ones who have first time successful IVF’s, so he has sent me for further blood tests to check that I am not getting a clotting disorder when the embryo’s are transferred which might be killing them… He has sent me for the phospolippid antibodies, ANF and inherited thrombophilia screening tests… (I threw those in there for all of us qualified doctors out there!)

We are as I’ve mentioned before taking a break – he has asked me to go on BCP while we are on the break firstly to keep my ovaries and endo under control an secondly cos (as he so tactfully put it) it is not like we stand much of a chance of trying ourselves when my history is of having over 100 day cycles… so back onto the pill I go for the next three months… On the plus side maybe by me going back on the pill and us not standing much of chance, we can focus on helping our ailing sex life out… 

We are planning a holiday to Plettenburg Bay in November and we are going to have a good Christmas and New Year with lots of friends and parties and fun… Then we’ll tackle IVF # 2 in January 2009… so now 2008 conception or baby for me….

When we are ready for our next cycle, we will follow the exact same protocol as we did for our first, simply cos it worked so well for us… the only thing we will alter is we will have a day 5 transfer and not a day 3 transfer…

So that is our plan! 

I’ll still be blogging about inane stuff and hope you will all continue to follow my life and journey!  But for now, it is time to live life as Sam the woman and friend, not just as Sam the infertility patient…

I’m actually looking forward to it… good times are ahead… just you wait and see 🙂


11 thoughts on “Statistically Unlucky…

  1. Sounds like you have an excellent plan…just always a little more waiting, eh? Still….I’ll be crossing my fingers that January 2009 finally brings you the LUCK you’ve been waiting for.


  2. January 2009 will literally be here before you know it, I promise.
    I truly hope the break does you and your husband some good and brings back some “magic” in the bedroom. We took two breaks during our treatments and I have to say they were both incredible and I wouldn’t give those memories up for anything. 😉


  3. Hello Sam the WOMAN. Getting ailing sex life back on track eh??? 😉 Will you be able to sit down to blog?!

    Just kidding, I am really glad you have a plan and that you also have some breathing space.

    Onwards and upwards, my dear xx


  4. it is really great how positive you are about your upcoming break! I hope it makes you feel renewed and ready to concieve! Have a great few months off.

    here from iCLW


  5. I am so sorry that the FET failed. I really hope that all your bloodtests come back perfect and that IVF #2 is it for you. But, that being said… enjoy your break. Have fun working on your sex life. That sounds so nice… 😦 It sucks what IF does to our sex lives. Enjoy your holidays and keep up your positive attitude!!! (((HUGS)))


  6. Hopefully next time you hit the right side of the statistics. FET’s are lower probability, btu it’s interesting how different clinics have different emphasis. Mine has an emphasis on single transfers (I had to argue to get two) and FET’s- and a cumulative pregnancy rate of 50% by the end of the first egg retrieval cycle. It’s 90% by the third.

    But statistics are just that…



  7. ANd as for the screening investigations for thrombophilia etc- it’s probably pretty low probability but on the other hand better to find out now than several cycles down the track.



  8. First, “young and beautiful” made me LOL. You are too cute!!

    I think your FS has a great plan and I love that he is being so thorough with the testing to rule out any other issues. I agree with the others that 2009 will be here before you know it. Once the holidays start up, time seems to fly too. I hope you are on the right side of statistics in the new year.

    I love that you have such great plans for your break. I completely understand the ailing sex life. IF really does destroy the “fun” factor, huh?

    I don’t care what you blog about. I’ll still be here reading and chatting every step of the way. (:


  9. Hi Sam! I hope all your bloods come back negative, and I really hope you enjoy your break and reconnect with your hubby. January will be here in no time and you will feel refreshed and renewed to continue the good fight.
    Love Elize


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