T -1 Days and crap have to test today!

I sent my lovely doc an email yesterfday asking him if I should consider testing one day early, and I got a response from him early this am asking me to please come in and test today if I can… well I only got the darn email this morning and I work FAR away from the clinic and I don’t have a lab close to work that I can quickly run to…  I am leaving work at 12h00 – rush home, get my blood form, rush to the clinic and chain myself to the door until they give me answers ask nicely if they can do an urgent turn around for me and get the the result…

I had more brown in my CM this am when I inserted the morning dose of cyclogest, and have passed a spot about the size of a 10 cent piece on my panty liner.  I am not feeling very confident at this point.  I still have the lower back pain and now have a few light cramps happening as well.  Not having regular cycles at all I am not sure if I can consider this my worst enemy making her appearance period or not, but I am at this point thinking it is her knocking not so softly at my door…


12 thoughts on “T -1 Days and crap have to test today!

  1. I’m so sorry Sam. If I was one of those bright shiney newbies, I’d probably tell you to remain positive, that there is still hope, because there is.
    The outcome has already been decided, its just a matter of finding out what the result is now. I’m praying for you, for strength and courage to be able to cope with whatever the result may be.


  2. Hi Sam

    I know how crappy your day must have been, I’ve been in the exact same situation. You see the brown flecks but a part of you just keeps on hoping that just maybe it is not what you think it means. So sorry that you are going through this.



  3. I got your email, my heart sinking with yours. I am still praying, but am completely with you mentally, I know exactly what’s going through your mind.

    A huge cyber-cuddle and thinking of you lots. xxxxx


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