T-4 Days and counting…

… another day closer to the beta test… another day of see saw madness…. I have decided once and for all NOT to POAS… I will wait this out to the beta (bitter geddit?) end…

God help us all….


6 thoughts on “T-4 Days and counting…

  1. Hey Sam! I hope you can hold out!! I really thought I was going to but NO, left alone last night to my own devices!! I did it….. I peed on that bloody stick and it gave me a BIG FAT NEGATIVE Zap in the face!! Urgghhh!!

    Holding thumbs for you Darling!!! I’m testing on Thurs!!!


  2. I’m sooo proud of you Sammy Sam Sam!!

    I’m so hoping that the evil witch being MIA is a good sign for you but in saying that, I’ve always thought this would be the lucky cycle for you!!

    Hoping and praying with you sweet girl 😉


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