Belated Thanks!

I owe my Roundup Extravaganza critic a belated thank you! 

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for choosing a post that I think touches a chord with any woman battling against infertility.  I think that while many of us do not necessarily go through exactly what I described in the post, I think that we can identify with pieces of it because at the end of the day we share a common thread to our infertility journeys…

I was ticked pink to be described as an honest & funny writer – that to me is high praise indeed!  So again – Thanks & Mwah!

Thanks also to Mel, whose amazing brain sprouted the Roundup – me thinks she deserves a round of applause!  I loved reading the Roundup, and am licking my lips and smacking my chops for the Creme de la Creme coming later to a blog near you…


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