T-5 days & counting

We made it past the mental pass fail point… as of right this second no bleeding… I am feeling… relieved, anxious, scared, cautiously excited, crazy, scared, hopeful, scared… oh did I mention scared?

I think I am doing to resist the POAS call and wait till my beta test on Friday.  I don’t know what I’ll end up doing, but the fact is that I am way too scared at this point to POAS… kinda silly hey?  I mean techinically I should be just as scared of the beta cos it will also give me news of either a + or – kind but I am more inclined to wait for the beta than to POAS…

I hate the 2ww!!!


12 thoughts on “T-5 days & counting

  1. Hey Sam

    Congrats on resisting the devil! I’ve got 5 of his tools in my bathroom drawer & I’m also ignoring and resisting the urge which for me at 11dpo is incredible. By now I would’ve done 5 different ones!

    I am thinking of you and holding thumbs!!!! You’re in my thoughts and prayers!!


  2. Oh you strong, strong girl.

    Admiring your willpower, in fact, have just wee’d on an old lolly stick as I couldn’t stand the tension any more. No lines whatsoever, how odd.

    Thinking of you and praying hard xxx


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