Most Embarrassing Moments

My friend Elize has started her own tag game and it entails listing your most embarrassing moments – SA gals pop along to her blog she has a great prize on offer for the most embarrassing moment!

So without further ado – my most embarrassing moments:

  • I was 16 and was pretty much considered president of the nerd herd, so was very much surprised when the cool kids asked me to sit with them at lunch time… we used to sit on the field (cos that was super cool) and we used to chat and joke around.  I had just got my period and had a tampon in my skirt pocket to change towards the end of break time… as I was being all cool unoticed my tampon fell out my pocket and lay bare and naked for all to see… The hottest boy in the school (sitting next to me) spotted it – tried to bring my attention to it subtley but alas the WHOLE group noticed (he was nodding towards it and making erm hum noises but would not actually touch it!) and they started throwing it around and someone even suggested getting a red koki pen to make it look real… my cheeks burned and I could feel the blood roaring in my ears… the hot boy looked at me with regret and I walked off with as much dignity as I could muster… alas, even though I provided much entertainment I was relagated to the nerd herd for ever more!
  • Again a school one… I was *in love* with a hot boy… as you are in school… my friends and I were going through a really silly stage of pushing and shoving each other and we thought it was hilarious!  We used to plan our routes between classes so that we could walk past the hot crush of the day… it was my day!  I would be seeing my hottie between English and Biology and we would maybe even make eye contact *sigh*  So English class ends, we walk to our next class and – wait, there he is – the sight of him makes my heart melt – until shove!  From behind I get shoved but my eyes are so full of hot boy stars that I misstep and fall right in front of his feet – embarrassing hey?  But the worst of it is that HE stepped right over me (way too cool to help the girl who he knew was obsessed had a crush on him cos that would make me think he liked me too right?).  I was helped up by one of his mates though who called him a jerk… I cried, my heart broke and my friends and I?  We stopped that stupid shoving thing right then and there…
  • I was seeing the second gynocologist ever in my life… my mom was concerned that something was wrong with me cos I hardly ever got my periods (you think?) Anyway I was told by the doc that he needed to do an internal scan – I was so used to that, my first gynocologest also did the same thing so I whipped of the panties, hopped on the bed, covered my legs with the sheet and was ready for action.  It was a bit awkward cos I had my period (for the first time in about 9 months) B.L.I.N.D!!  Next thign I know I feel the doc pulling out my tampon, hear him chucking it the bin (my eyes were closed in pure mortification by this time) and he did the scan.  I quickly wiped clean and got dressed in double quick time – I never went back to him… B.L.I.N.D!!!
  • Then there was the time I forgot to wear panties to school (primary school) and I hung from the jungle gym and pulled a Debbie does Dallas… Everyone was laughingn and pointing and I could not understand WHY??? Ok so that one happened in a dream, but I’m sure it still counts right?

Why do three out of four of my moments deal with tampons and no panties?  ::blushes furiously::

What are your most embarrassing moments?


7 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Moments

  1. Sam, I nominate you as the prize winnde, than can be NO embarressing moment more embarressing than your internal scan with a tampon story. OMW, I feel myself blushing at the thought and I don’t embarress easily! :-0


  2. Ohhh geez, the one about the tampon was the best I think. Yikes…but you were just a kid – how would you know that they would need the tampon out!?


  3. OMG!!!!!! They are truely amazing stories. Amazing. In a bad way. I dont think I have anything to top the tampon and gyno story. I once spit milk all the face of this cutie at lunch who made me laugh. It was bad. He never talked to me again.


  4. I can’t decide between the tampon tossing or the tampon removal. Stupid tampons have been screwing our lives up from the very beginning, huh? I’m thinking you might have a winner in one of these!!


  5. Hey,
    Haha, I had a great laugh. How the hell did the Tampon get stuck lmao!
    I have had loads of embarassing moments at least one in every day of my life. Everything goes wrong for me. Here are a few that happened some during primary school and some recently.

    *After a week of no school because I was sick I return on Monday. I went to the shop then to the bus stop. It was raining that day so the aisle on the bus was slippy. So the bus is packed all the nice seats are taken so I walk to the back to see if there were any free seats.
    I didnt even reach half way. I slipped and done the splits. So that was just a perfect start to the day.

    *Our school were playing rounders against another school and I was chosen to be on the team. I was the next to bat so I am standing there waiting for my turn and swinging the bat around and suddenly it hits me right in the middle of my forehead. I yell HOLY CRAP! and all the teachers and students just stare at me. I was just wishing to die!

    *When I started my period I never knew that you are supposed to hide your tampon. Well I left mine at home (typical) so I go buy some from student reception. I naturally talk loudly so i was like CAN I HAVE FOUR TAMPONS PLEASE and the woman just goes red even though its not her doing something embarasing. I turn around and there is this hot guy from sixth form right behind me and just starts laughing and whispering to his friend. I go back to my form room and ask my friend whats so funny about Tampns cuz there were guys ryt behind me laughin at me just cuz i asked for some. Ughh wat an idiot I was.

    *I was trying on clothes in a H&M changing room. My mom hands me some more stuff to try on and i go back to my place which had the curtain closed but i open the wrong one! and this woman was standing there naked! She screamed and i ran out red all over my face.

    *I was in Morroco for a holiday and i headed down to the pool first thing. I hadnt gone swimming for 5 months so i wasnt used to it. So i run and jump into the pool and start screaming I’M DROWNING HELP an this was at the shallow end. The lifeguard had to ‘save’ me. Ever since i had to wear a ring around my waist and it was a rubber duck that quacked when you squeez his head. I was 14 and my mum bought me it! typical. Picture this how does a classy bikini swimsuit look with a baby ring that has a rubber duck head at the front?


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