Gas (Wo)Man…

Beware Gas (Wo)Man!  Her alias is a humble young lass who lives in suburbia who looks gorgeous and divine and harmless… BUT beware Gas (Wo)Man!

Not trained in the martial arts, this lady hardcore rocking chick has weapons that none can compare to… Any sign of irritation or annoyance can unleash the wrath of Gas (Wo)Man… Her weapons are tornadoes of methane gas which ripple across her tummy at regular intervals and once they are released you gag and sputter and eventually pass out!  Sometimes the omission of her weapons strike silently and pour out her secret orifice with deathly stealth… if you see a flash of woolen wrap disappearing around the corner – run!  Sometimes the weapons abound and it sounds like gun fire (this mostly happens in the evenings under the covers but beware Gas (Wo)Man anyway)…

Gas (Wo)Man has just recently found out about her alter ego… She is doing her best to neutralise the situation but fears that until her gas enhancing supplement is out of the picture that her rather odd and oft times embarrassing super power might not be controllable…

Consider yourself warned… Gas (Wo)Man lives!


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