La Di Da…

And the madness begins…

At only 3DP5DT I am aleady in the horrible rut of “this just might have worked” vs “aw crap, there is no way this has worked”… *sigh* I am driving myself nuts. I *know* that I just need to have faith and that I need to trust that the outcome is already determined and no amount of worrying and obsessing about it can change that, and yet, here I am again, in the cess pool of 2ww madness… As soon as I feel myself slipping into the cess pool I sharply remind myself that I need to trust my God and I feel fine again…so I guess I’ll be being sharp with myself quite a bit the next 11 days 😉  If that does not work, I guess I’ll have to hack at myself with a spoon….

I had a VERY relaxing weekend… Took the day off on Friday so that I could chill out after the transfer (which went much better this time round – no ute claming required thank you very much {have I mentioned how much I love my Dr V?}). I slept for a few hours on Friday afternoon, watched Oprah (have not done that in a while) and chilled with my furry girlies… oh and cooked dinner…  Cliff played golf on Saturday and I met a friend for coffee (decaf of course) and breakfast and again just chilled out.  Read my book and lay down quite a lot… Yesterday was church, breakfast with my Mom, sister and neice at home and then cooked lunch waiting for Cliff to get home from the 702 Walk the Talk.  He got to walk the 5km’s with our hounds and my friend Marce who was my understudy stand in cos I was not allowed to walk due to a certain number of cellular beings that are hopefully growing in my tummy…  I had a Sunday afternoon nap and then chilled out in front of the TV last night… I liked chilling out, but I was glad to get to work today adn finally get some “action”…Hahaha!  (Am alone in office, mostly everyone is off and I am B.O.R.E.D, so B.O.R.E.D)

I mean I’m the first person in the world who advocates pajama days and I truly believe that weekends are for refueling after a long week at work, but all this doing absolutley nothing for three days straight was kinda tiring in and on its own…  I cannot imagine how you girls on bed rest for weeks on end do it… Don’t get me wrong I would lie around for months if it meant a healthy baby for us, but I would surely drive myself even more nutty than I already am…

So how do you girls do it?  WHAT do you do to pass the time?  I mean (and I cannot believe I’m about to say this AT ALL) there is only so much sleeping one can do right?  PSP or DS pop to mind, but I am not much of a gamer and I cannot sew to save my life (I saw one girl on bed rest made a blanket – hand stitched – kudos to her)… Not that I am on bed rest or have any reason at all to be wondering, but my interest was peaked… 

If you’ve managed to read all the way through this worthless drivel post, I would be most interested to hear your thoughts on what one does to pass the time while on bed rest???

9 thoughts on “La Di Da…

  1. Sam, during my second pregnancy I was on bedrest for just over two weeks with a threatened mc. It was as boring as all hell. I landed up with the worst backache from lying flat on my back for so long. I hated feeling so helpless as well, was under strict instructions, was only allowed out of bed to take a quick shower or go to the loo. I hated that I couldn’t do things around the house and take care of my dogs etc.
    If you’re not a gamer and not a sewer, perhaps knitting is in order? 🙂
    As for the 2ww madness, there’s nothing to do except get through it, so don’t beat yourself up about obsessing!


  2. Hi Hon!
    I hope your tww flies by in a flash!! You weekend sounds divine. I also get bored after a weekend of doing nothing. As for the bed rest thing, I don’t know. I’ve only been on total bed rest once and that was just for a week. I wasn’t allowed to get up at all, only if nature was calling. And it was hell. By the 3rd day my body was so sore. All i could do was read or watch TV. Mind numbing, that’s all I can say. Truly don’t know how the girls do it for months on end.

    Praying for a BFP! Holding thumbs for you!

    Love and hugs


  3. I know NOTHING about bedrest. I’m lazy and hell and I still can’t imagine it…but I guess one does what one must do. Wishing you a quick and painless 2WW full of symptoms with a happy ending…


  4. I was on bedrest for 3 weeks and it was TORTURE. I watched a lot of TV and did some reading. It sound sliek such a nice idea, but by day two it gets old.


  5. Never had bedrest for more than a day or two. Because it was such a short time, I actually enjoyed it (can’t imagine doing it for a longer period of time). I have to admit, though, that I just watched TV the whole time, which I know is a TOTAL waste of time, but once I’m in the couch with my favorite pillow and not going anywhere, just try to pry the remote control out of my hands! ~grin~


  6. Hi 2wwronaut!

    I was on a week & half bedrest with OHSS…I can think of a dosen or so things I would do if I had to go on bedrest now. For one my itunes needs desperate sorting…lots of books to catch up with..dvd’s, series’s. Planning my patio herb garden.

    But the worst is when your butt & back starts cramping…that’s when it gets the better of me. Walking around hunch-backed remains entertaining only for so long…

    Bon voyage brave time traveller, you will be out of the pause zone soon enough, just hang in there…


  7. hurrah for you being IN the 2ww!
    as for what to do while lolling about in your silk jammies- I am all about reading silly books or catching up with entire seasons of tv shows. See if you can get Mad Men on dvd- it will rock your world!
    as for a book- I read Twilight (the teen vampire book) during the 1st part of my wait. Now I need to get my hands on the rest of the series.

    officially crossed fingers for YOU!!!


  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my blog! I’m glad you found a “divine” FS _ RE I suppose from this part of the world.

    Anyway, I wish you well on your 2WW! I test 4 days earlier than you, so I am occupying myself with the following:
    – attending social events (2)
    – attending church activities (3)
    – working on my ladies bible study book
    – working on some online trainings that I enrolled myself into.
    So…actually I need more time in a day!!!

    When I go to bed though, that is the time where my thoughts go back to the 2WW. But then having a conversation with God eventually pacifies my heart and lulls me back to sleep.


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