Our little popsicles outdid themselves overnight!  We ended up with three (yes 3, drie, tres) to transfer this morning 🙂  I was so surprised, I was expecting to only have 2 at most (was worried again that they would not make it overnight – oh me of little faith) and when we had the embryo chat before transfer we were very pleased to hear that we had 3 to transfer…

Popsicle # 1 was pretty sad, even our untrained eyes could see that this little one was not doing so well, and I had a little pang in my heart for that little one who was not going to make it…

Popsicle # 2 decided to grow from 6 cells to 10 cells overnight and was looking really good

Popsicle #’s 3 & 4 were both compacting and we were very happy with that – one step away from blast stage – both of them 🙂

All our popsicles were given assisted hatching cos according to Dr J, the frozen ones sometimes have issues hatching out of the walls cos the outer shells get hard from being cryogenically preserved…  Transfer went MUCH better this time round – no pulling my ute out to get the catheter in so I was a happy camper!  Flash!! and in went our three (3, drie, tres!) little popsicles…

So now little popsicles, Mom and Dad are asking you really nicely to decide to stick around for a while!  We would LOVE for you to implant and grow and to make us happy parents… K?  I promise to give you nice ice cream with sugar stars sprinkled on top when you get big enough…

Bring on the 2ww 🙂  I’m ready for 08.08.08!!! (Test date y’all…)


18 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Fantastique (In keeping with your multilingual post).

    This is wonderful news. Transfers are beautiful and to have your embryos back inside is like the world being perfect again. Stick little ones.


  2. Come on popsicles!!! I hope your 3 little ones make it and you are spoiling them rotten in 9 months time. Best of luck on the 08.08.08 (there has got to be something in that!!)

    (Here from ICLW)


  3. That is wonderful wonderful news, my little popsicles only grew on cell each after thawing so that is really really good going!!

    I’m hoping and praying that this is it for you guys Sammy, you guys are going to be the best Mom and Dad ever!!

    Big big and even bigger hugs xxx


  4. Yippeeeee!!! Stick embies & implant nicely!!!

    Sam saying lots of prayers & sending lots of positive thoughts for you!!!!

    Just shout if you need anything!!


  5. Well, I’d say continue and expand your wonderful blogging!! You keep me entertained enough to join you on the sofa!

    I hate the 2WW, and completely sympathise.

    BTW, I have nominated you for a blog award, pop along if you’re BORED and collect it! xx


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