Thank you God!

Out of the four popsicles, we have two that have started growing again. 


I am SO relieved, I cannot explain it… I was so worried that none of them would make it… so will be at the clinic tomorrow morning for the transfer and then smack bang into the 2ww… I thank God for taking care of our little ones to this stage and am praying hard for them to stick around for oh, 9 months or so…

Stayed tuned for the next popsicle episode tomorrow 🙂


22 thoughts on “Thank you God!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Well done!! Holding thumbs for yu for tomorrow!

    I only have 2 forzen, hope they both make it Sigh!!

    I am so happy for you!!


  2. How wonderful and amazing. Congratulations. I know how nervous you were. I love transfer day. Being close to my embies. And getting a picture. Can’t wait for your update tomorrow. (ICLW)


  3. Oh Yippee Sam!! What great news!! Holding thumbs for you & the popsicles!!!

    Sending lots of embie super glue thoughts your way!!


  4. They sound like super embies – especially to have done so well thru frozen. I am praying for you all and will be watching closely to see how you get on.

    All the best wishes in the world xx


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