Melted Ice Cream Dreams & Dividing Stars…

Today is a big day for our little popsicles… they get taken out of their safe ice palace and are slowly expected to melt and start dividing again. 

Now I am not one who condones putting pressure on one’s kids to excel (ok maybe just a little but only if it is something they like doing and show a natural affinity for), but in this case I find that I am wanting our little popsicles to excel… I want them to win gold in the thawing race and I want them to grow well throughout the day and night so that when I make that all important call tomorrow morning at 11h00, I’ll have some good news to share…

I’m hoping for a cracking domino effect…. Good thaw – bump – good divide – bump – good blasts – bump – good transfer – bump – good 2ww (hahahahahahahaha) – bump – good blood test – bump – good heartbeat – bump – good development and so on and so forth… Can one really expect a good thaw to result in a good baby?  I sure do…but at the end of the day I know that I need to trust my God.  I know that He has it all under control and what ever will be will be in His time, according to His perfect plan…I’m just hoping that the plan is now 😉

Last night I had a weird dream (maybe it was helped along by the cyclogest I started taking yesterday and the comment made by Super Mabout ice cream trucks, but it was kinda strange…).  I dreamt that our popsicles were stored in an ice cream truck and that they were ensconsed by yummy vanilla ice cream, but the ice cream was melting and the ice cream man (dressed in his swanky lab coat) was turning out cone after cone in an effort to not make an all consuming mess of his ice cream truck… I was worried that our popsicles would end up in someones tummy as part of their delicious cone when all of a sudden stars started shooting out of the melting pot and then started dividing – stars, stars everywhere… I ran into the middle of the stars and they stuck to my body turning me into a human glitterball… then I woke up to the sound of my alarm so alas, I cannot tell you how this dream ended (ie: did I have a star baby or not) but I am really really really hoping for one….

Can you tell that my obsessed mind is losing it? Heh…

Till tomorrow – here’s to my dividing stars!


15 thoughts on “Melted Ice Cream Dreams & Dividing Stars…

  1. Sam, praying really hard for your popsicles! And I don’t know how you are coping with the usual “hurry up & wait” of IF treatment, because I get anxiety just thinking about how you must be feeling.
    Weird dream, but here’s hoping……
    Now try explain this, I dreamt I drove with my new car under a boom & it crashed through the roof and onto my head!? 😦 Perhaps a metaphor for shatter dreams/shatter skull? 🙂


  2. Hey

    Sorry you don’t know me but I stubled upon you site a while ago an decided to visit it again today. Maybe it was fate. I am seeing Dr V tomorrow on what to do with my 2 frozen embryos? Never had forzen ones. Always just had enough to do what was necessary for that cycle.

    Well I just wanted to wish you luck and say…….I hope all goes well with the thawing process. You will be my inspiration and hope when I get to do the same. Gooluck1 Nock them dead! I heard that Frozen embryos peform quite well and produce very healthy babies. It is just to get past the thawing process I suppose.

    Hope you don’t mind but I will be reading your progress so that I can know what to expect.

    Can you maybe just briefly tell what the process is, I have no idea what to expect. Is it costly?

    Thanks and GOODLUCK!
    This will be THE ONE!


  3. Over from ICLW. Aren’t dreams amazing. I will say that is a very interesting one and a dream interpreter would probably love that one. I do hope that your little popsicles are all that you are dreaming of. Good luck and best wishes.


  4. Hi Sam!
    Wishing you a great thaw report tomorrow morning. I’m waiting with baited breath to hear how your babies are doing. Praying that this is the cycle for you!
    Love and Hugs


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