Best Laid Plans…

When I embarked on this FET journey, I had it all planned out. 

By my calculations I would have been just about half way through my 2ww today and would most likely be symptom obsessing even though I would furiously be reminding myself of the futility of that – Yeah right! Ha!  If my plans had worked out, I would already know if my popsicles survived the thaw, I would already know how many made it to transfer day, and I would be half way closer to knowing if the FET was my dream catcher….

As it happens my plans were a leetle out of kilter and I am only now moving towards the big thaw… I don’t really know why I’m obsessing over it as much as I am, except to say that I am champion obsessor… aaarrgghhh who’m I kidding?  I’m worried that the four popsicles won’t make it… I mean, in my heart of hearts I’m sure at least ONE of them will make it but I’m greedy, I want all four to make it and I want all four to grow and I want all four to transfer… that way I’ll stand more of a chance of at least one of them hanging around right?

I’m trying hard to keep level headed about this FET, but I’m really really really hoping it works for us.


13 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Sam, the obsessing was bound to start sooner or later. Personally I think its totally natural to obsess about the big thaw. Like any type of IVF its nother horrible pass/fail point.
    And its not greedy to want them all to make it, those are after all little embryo’s! I know with both my IVF’s, even though I don’t want twins, once both embryo’s were transferred I wanted both of them to make it.
    Can’t wait to hear your thaw report.
    Praying hard my friend!


  2. I think obsessing is a natural process of the Trying to Conceive in any way possible journey. I hope that you have a great thaw report, a fantastic transfer, and a VERY positive BFP and pregnancy to follow!



  3. i obsess about everything, especially IF stuff. i think it’s impossible not to!
    good luck with the thaw, i hope you get great results!!

    visiting from ICLW 🙂


  4. Obsess all you like! The more you fight it, the more you do it. So have a little stuff you face with obsession party. We don’t mind listening ’cause we’re just as obsessed as you are. So please bear with me if I keep on asking “So how long before we thaw?” “Have you thawed yet?” “Has the lab called?” “From where are you calling the lab?” “Is the lab calling you or are you calling the lab?” “Can you go stand and watch them thaw?” “Can’t we all go stand and watch them thaw?” “Do ….


  5. Hey Sam – leaving my good thoughts for you and the embryos here. Like you, I’d be greedy as well, and want all four – don’t blame you a bit on that one. I’ll be thinking of you Wednesday…


  6. Hi from icomleavwe!

    Obsess all you would like to. I wish you the best of luck with your FET and that you have four embryos to transplant.


  7. Hi Hon, It’s impossible to not obsess, just go with the flow and obsess as long as you like, that way you don’t put so much pressure on yourself about obsessing. I’m praying constantly for you and hope that all four embies thaw great and that you’ll have a BFP really soon.


  8. Like everyone says, it’s impossible not to obsess! In fact if you weren’t obsessing then I’d seriously wonder about you! Youe embies are going to be just fine, they’ll thaw beautifully and with 4 of them you are bound to get a few to transfer!

    I’m praying really hard for you my friend, not long to go now and then it’s that 2ww again 🙂

    Big big hugs for you Sammy-kins!


  9. Try as I might, I can only maintain level-headed Zen for so long before it turns into a full-fledged obsess-fest. I’m thinking good thoughts for those embies of yours!


  10. I don’t think I’ve ever met an IFer who doesn’t obsess! lol I am the WORST (I think). Just wait until Hubby and I do our FET…we only have ONE embie! Yikes, I’m going to be a wreck.

    Don’t worry about it hun. We are here whenever you need to vent.


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