F.E.T Call Home…

Right so in the quietest FET of the history of infertiles, I have some news…

Went for a endo check scan this morning and it is currently sitting at over 11mm (did not get actual measurement but my FS was super pleased)…. Thaw is set for Wednesday so I am putting all my energy into praying that our four little popsicles make it and all start dividing so that we have some hatching blasts to put back on Friday…

If you pray, I would appreciate one for our popsicles if you would… If you don’t any good vibes, thawing vibes, cell dividing vibes, stick around for the good times vibes would be much appreciated… 😉

Suddenly this FET just became real – crikey!  But in a good way 🙂


10 thoughts on “F.E.T Call Home…

  1. ti di di di di, dee, dee, dee, dee, de de de de de de de de…singing the soft serve van song….go popsicles go! Auntie M promises to buy yous a very warm blankie!

    Praying for a sucessful thaw.



  2. Sam, I’m praying very hard for a successful thaw and a BFP at the end of the cycle with even more importantly a healthy baby born in … oh about 9 months time.


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