The Longing

Elusive this…

Joy of two lines

Announcing the miracle of life

Power of knowing you’re there

Nestled in my belly

Growing, bulging, proof of life


Elusive this…

Celebration with family and friends

Decisions on how you’re to enter the world

Breast feed or bottle feed?

Growing, more proof of life


Elusive this…

Your smile, that first laugh

Gaze into your eyes

Connect, feel my love overflow

Proof of life


Elusive all of this to me…

Except the longing…


I have the longing in me

Not proof of life

But just as strong


The longing…


The longing…




7 thoughts on “The Longing

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Noticed you were blah x 2 on Facebook. Hope you are ok. I am glad you have sorted things out with your friend, lets hope it gets back on track.

    Oh and I HATE it when people shorten my name, I want to punch them in the face!! Havinf said that, it only winds me up when its strangers who do it, rather than established friends. My view is if you have done the time, you can call me anything you want…apart from Becky, cause I hate that with a passion!!

    Catch u when I get back from holiday xox


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