…are my arms and my ribs… aai ya yai!  Lactic acid is not my friend…

I played a round of golf yesterday for the first time since the beginning of April and my arms and ribs are protesting much better today… We played at Reading which is in Alberton in the South of Joburg.  What  a stunning course!  It was bitterly cold though, and it took a good four holes for my toes to defrost from the ice blocks that they had become.  We want to try and play there again in summer cos the course really was divine. 

Th best thing about our round yesterday?  I managed to hit over the water holes – three times!  I only lost ONE ball – that is really good for me as I normally have this HUGE mental issue challenge clearing the water on these holes, but yesterday, I did it, and I am SO chuffed with myself 🙂

On the friend front, I chickened out.  I just could not make the call to her this weekend.  I am planning on calling her on my way home from work today from the car, so will update you all once I have grown the balls mustered up the courage to call her.


5 thoughts on “Stiff…

  1. I love golf! I have been wanting to really get ‘serious’ about it for a long time. But time and money are not on my side.
    I can’t believe that SHE has not called you yet! Who is the chicken now?


  2. your golf game is better than mine. i SUCK! in fact, i am so bad that i don’t enjoy it.
    i hope your conversation goes well with your friend. don’t you dare apologize-tell yourself silently that you are in the right. she needs to know, that this is just not okay. though, as i have said, fertiles can be morons.


  3. Way to go! I’m very impressed with your golfing efforts.

    I’ve just joined at Roodepoort, but shamefully have not gone to play yet…

    Shame on me!

    Good luck with the call!


  4. Sam, I haven’t played in about a year. I totally totally SUCK! I usually land up getting so frustrated with myself that I don’t enjoy it. Not to mention my sore elbows from constantly slamming the club into the ground instead of the ball! Doofus!
    Good luck for the phone all, do it my friend, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by making that call.


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