Best Sunsets in the World

When I was a kid, we moved around A LOT.  I was an army brat and we lived in many different places – they were all mostly cool places to live but I must say that one of my favourites of all was Namibia

We lived in the capital city Windhoek for a while (with me getting eaten alive by mozi’s and having my face swell up like I had been beaten my my parents – try explaining that one to a German pharmacist without getting thrown into jail), to a tiny army base like town called Omoruru (where the German “Tannie” made and sold THE best ice cream in Africa) to Swakopmund (BEST town in the country in my opinion) to Walvis Bay (again in an army base where us kids RULED the roost)…

One thing I can say for sure is that no matter where you are in this country you will see the most beautiful sunsets in the world, especially at the coast, cos at the coast you have the ocean on one side of you and the dessert on the other and the sun strikes that water with such a glow that it takes your breath away.

I have SUCH good memories of our lives in Namibia and jumped at the chance of visiting there again last year with Cliff.  We went for our anniversary and spent a glorious two weeks there, it was SO cool to share it with my husband.  It had changed SO much since I had lived there, but it still has not lost it’s charm.  I would highly reccomend a Namibian holiday…

Check out these stunning sunsets!



Where do you reckon the best sunsets in the world happen?


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