Wicked Wednesday

Thank you so much for all your comments on the friend situation, I have decided that I will give it another few days and if I still have not heard from her to give her a call.  Because I was so upset with her, I was all for the “I’m not licking her arse to be friends” mindset, but I do realise that sometimes tones or feelings can get lost in translation when one writes to another.  So a phone call it will be.  I’ll gauge whether the friendship is “worth the effort” once we have talked.  Again thank you so much for the support!  You girls rock!!! 🙂

In the lines of support needed, if you have time, please pop over to my dear friend Super M, she got a BFN from her first IVF today, and although was kinda prepared for it due to negative HPT’s, the hurt is still intense.  She needs some love.

And my other friend Shaz needs some hugs as well – her house sale has fallen through which means that her emigration plans have had to be put back onto the back burner for a while – she has also just received a visit from AF and is not happy to see her…

Wicked Wednesday struck twice today.  I wish I could help heal my friends hurts, but know that support and love from you chaps makes it feel better, so head on over if you can.  


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