Snip of Change

This is what I used to look like (me on left):

And now I look like this:

What you think?


11 thoughts on “Snip of Change

  1. Edgy…I love it! I have very boring hair (just falls straight to my waist) but every time I’ve cut it I’ve hated it…then I see people get these awesome haircuts and think really hard about it…then I remember that every time I’ve ever cut it above the shoulder blades I’ve looked like crap until it grew out because I never have the time/energy to style it and can’t put it back in a braid…but now I’m tempted again…great cut!


  2. Via NaComLeavMo…
    I”m going to be honest, i think I prefer the first one, maybe it’s because you look happy! Please don’t hate me, if you like it that’s all that matters!


  3. Haha, Sam I love the photo taken of a VERY Serious Sam looking at her self in the mirror while trying to hide the camera and flash. The hairdo is cool, the Seriuos Sam face? Mmm, I think I prefer the smiling Sam face! 🙂


  4. Nice cut! I should go and get one too this week. It looks so nice and fresh for the summer. Taking some of the length off is definitely nice when it’s getting really warm outside. : )


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