What to Do?

I used to work for a large company who at the time was riding high and was hugely successful distributing product  of a powerful globally recognised brand.  I used to hold a highly responsible position there and was under immense stress and constant pressure.  I loved it. 

Then I got married and went on honeymoon and the cracks in this organisation started to show.  Another girl who worked at the company started telling lies about me (she really wanted my job and badly) and got me into a LOT of trouble while I was blissfully enjoying being a newly wed.  I came home from honeymoon (where we had made a decision to try for a baby pretty much right away) and found myself the centre of a storm in a teacup.  But I got through it.  During the next three years I had to deal with a lot of back stabbing, jealous, highly neurotic people while still keeping my international customers happy all the while getting treatment for my infertility. 

While working my ass off for the benefit of my company and making my bosses look good, I was learning all I could about PCOS, AI’s, IUI’s, sperm counts, follicles and and and…  I was understandably a truckload little stressed out.  No wonder I never fell pregnant – I mean we all know one has to “just relax” right? 

I made the decision to leave this job, this career and to focus on what was really important in my life – my marriage and the children we so desperately wanted to complete our picket fence story.  That was June last year.  I have NEVER once regretted my decision to leave this horrible place, and know that I made a decision that probably saved my marriage.  BUT the decision initially put us under a little bit of pressure cos while I did not need the stress of that job and the career I had chosen, I did need the salary that went with it.  I used my pension payout to give me a few months to find another job, and I was quite lucky to get some good offers within a reasonable time frame.  I accepted a job at a production company (not a good decision it turned out) which was run by a very unstable character and once again found myself in the position of looking for work to pay the bills. 

A friend called me up and asked me to contract to her company while I was looking for a job and I never left.  I am now working at this place and while the job is by no means brain surgery, it keeps me out of mischief and pays the bills quite nicely.  I took this job not as a career move but as a “this will help me get my baby(s)” move.  Fate has stepped in again.  Last week I found myself involved in yet another storm in a teacup at this new company.  It was not centred around me at all but was centred around my friend who had called me into work here.  It was nasty and she ended up leaving (completely on her terms, on the day I started the spotting which led to my BFN) and then I had to deal with the loss of little number 1 and number 11.  Not a good week for me at all emotionally.  But bygones.

Part of the plan in accepting the current job was that once I had fallen pregnant and had delivered the baby(s) I would look at doing something from home (not 100% sure what that something is going to be) that would allow me to spend time with my children and to bring in some money to continue to pay the bills.  I am thinking that perhaps the whole BFN and the situation (very tense and still unstable) at work is telling me to look at this option a whole lot sooner than I had originally planned.  I am quite prepared to work my ass off to establish a business but what to do?  For those of you who work from home, how did you decide on what to do?  Did you take your other professional experience and turn it into a consulting firm? 

I just am not 100% comfortable job wise right now and really want to explore this further… but feel a bit at sea…  Any advise would be most welcome.

(PS–> by the way, the wheel totally turned on those horrible people at my last company.  The company is nearly bankrupt, many of them no longer have jobs and many of them have had their marriages fail.  I did not wish this on any of them, but in a sadistic way I am glad to know that the wheel turned on them and that they got their just desserts…)


11 thoughts on “What to Do?

  1. Wow! You have been through some serious work drama. (And stalkers, complete with restraining orders! Geez.)

    I also left my stressful job to focus on starting a family. I haven’t been working and it is certainly difficult. I miss the intellectual and social stimulation (but not the drama). If you come up with any good ideas for working at home, please let me know. 🙂

    Good luck!!


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  3. Hi Sam!

    Good grief you’ve had LOTS of drama. Must be so upsetting!

    I’m not sure I would be at all helpful to you, but I can only relate my own story at leaving my job behind and pursuing my work from home situation. I started answering in this comment but it turned into an essay, so I answered it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.


  4. That is tough. I’ve been looking for something like that too. My currently employer is going to let me work part time from home. They have many people working from home, but I will be their first part time, so we are going to play it by ear. It is a technical support position so I’m not sure how that will work.

    I have had two friends do it successfully. One runs a dance studio and also markets the place for weddings so she works evenings and weekends while her husband works days. Because she owns the place, any work that needs to take place during the day, she can take her son with her.

    The other lady sews baby slings and sells them on her own website. At first she tried transcription, but found out it took too much concentration and it was too hard to be efficient with multiple interruptions. Hmm . . . sounds like technical support could be the same situation. We shall see.


  5. Well, I work from home but it was by accident rather than design. I work for a bank and I am lucky that my job is all external supplier focussed, so I don’t need to sit with my colleagues as we are spread over the country anyway. But do you know what? Its not all its cracked up to be, I am in a funk with workign from home….but maybe that’s a post for my blog one day.

    I hope you get some good ideas soon and find something that fits in the with baby plan.


  6. Ughhh, you have been through the ringer with jobs. I wish I had some real world advice to give you, but have no experience with work from home jobs.

    Best of luck on your journey. I hope you are able to find the perfect fit.


  7. Well, that all pretty much sucks. I’m sorry.

    I wish I knew what to tell you about working from home. I work from home, but it’s just that I telecommute a “normal” job. I don’t work for myself. Everyone I know who works out of their home for themselves are crafty people who make stuff and sell it.

    I hope you find some peace. Teacup storms aren’t fun.


  8. Geez Sammy, you have been through the ringer in more ways than one hey!! I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through all this but you know what they say “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!”

    I don’t have any advice on starting a business from home, I would love to aswell because this working for a boss thing isn’t for me either but I just can’t seem to find anything that would cover my salary straight away and Frank isn’t keen on me using my pension! i hope you find something and become hugely successfull!!

    Happy birthday for yesterday, I hope that this year brings you everything your heart desires my sweet friend xxxx


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