Serious Perspective

I stumbled upon Matt’s blog via someone else’s blog this afternoon (cannot remember whose) but oh my God, this man’s story has completely put life into perspective for me.  Read what happened. (Have tissues ready this one WILL make you cry)  What an amazing man, his strength in this time is astounding. 

Matt you are an inspiration and I pray that your Liz is at peace and that Madeline continues to fill your life with overflowing joy and strength.  You are doing an amazing job!

Life is too short and just in case you forgot – Cliff, I love you!



6 thoughts on “Serious Perspective

  1. Hi Sam!
    I’ve been reading his blog for a couple for weeks now. It’s very sad! When I told DH what I had read, he said he no longer wanted to try for children, because he never wants to lose me. He was so upset!

    I spent a LOT of time trying to read all his entries, but nowhere does it state what Liz died of? Looking at the pictures of the birth she looked so healthy. But nonetheless it’s very sad and I’m amazed how people have come together to help him out!

    It has given me great perspective indeed.


  2. Oh Boy. That is so sad and he is so brave. Definately going to keep on reading his blog. Although it is so sad – It can also teach us something about strength and resilience. But Boo Hoo


  3. I’ve been following Matt and Maddy for a couple months – Maddie was coincidentally born just a day before our Doodles. It is such a heartbreaking story, but he is doing an amazing job.



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