Boy Do I feel like an Arse…

We had our embie transfer on the 25th May, and me in my blind optimism ordered this book for Cliff the very next day

(Cliff don’t click the link!!! I still intend on giving you this gift and don’t want you to see it before I know that I can give it to you)

and it arrived today.  Now I feel like a bit of an arse, I mean how optimistic and sure of myself was I?  BUT I guess the good thing is that I now no longer have to order my lovey a gift for the next time I am so blindingly optimistic right?

Arsie arse arse… *sigh*


3 thoughts on “Boy Do I feel like an Arse…

  1. Sam, Being optimistic is what we HAVE TO be in this game. That is why it is so difficult. So don’t feel like an arse…..I have so many baby clothes (some in double – for the twins you know) and teddy bears. So we can be arses together okay.


  2. Sammie, Optimism is such a rare gift, enjoy it, and never feel like an arse for feeling it. I would give my front teeth for some of your optimism! Great gift btw, I’m sure Cliff will love it!


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