Post Mortem

You know what is harder than having to deal with a BFN after a “perfect” IVF cycle?  Hearing your doctor say that he is just blown away by the fact that it did not work cos he thought it was “a done deal”. *Sigh* 

The post mortem of the cycle was a really good thing to do. It has helped me close many of the open holes that I had in terms of dealing with this BFN.  My doc is very happy with the protocol of the cycle, and was more than happy with my reaction to the stimming process, he was chuffed with the egg retrieval and the fert rate of our little ones.  He was very pleased with Cliff’s sample from the day (80% of his boys survived overnight – apparently 25% is considered good).  The only thing he was not pleased about was the fact that we ended up with a BFN.  My main concern was the fact that I only made it to 9DP3DT, and he was concerned about that too. 

Right now we are going to focus on doing an FET.  We have four good embies on ice and realistically we would never have frozen them unless we were going to use them.  So I am on BCP and will be kicking off the cycle on the 26th June with a scan to make sure my ovaries are nice and quiet, then I will start with lucrin to make sure they stay that way and then we’ll mix some estrogen into the mix to beef up my lining and do transfer when the lining is ready and the embies thaw and grow to day 5.  Once transfer is done I will be doing PIO shots instead of the cyclogest to make sure that I get the most progesterone that I possibly can.  I believe they are shyte sore to administer, but I will do whatever it takes!

IF we ever need to do another fresh cycle, my doc will keep the protocol the same, the only things he will change are that we will automatically do a 5 day transfer vs the 3 day transfer and I’ll do the PIO shots instead of cyclogest.

Now I need some advise from those of you who did FETS please! 

  • How soon did you do your FET after your failed cycle?
  • What were your reasons for waiting if you waited a while?
  • How many embies did you have on ice?
  • How many embies made the thaw and were transferred?
  • Did you have any successses with FET’s?

Either way we are moving forward with our FET at the end of this month, I feel ready for this, and have peace in my heart about our decision… I just want to get a bit of background from FET’ers.


14 thoughts on “Post Mortem

  1. Whoo hoo! I’m not sure who’s MORE excited about this between you and me…

    One question on my mind? Why don’t they give PIO shots first time round? I’m willing to suffer the pain if it means more prog. is absorbed. Why risk underabsorption the first time round?


  2. Hi Sam! Your BFN really sucks. Everything sounds so perfect. I hope your FET results in a BFP. ooh The PIO shots always sounds so painful, some people say it helps to warm the oil a little, but not too much though, you don’t want to scar your behind! Sorry I can’t give you a personal account on FET’s but I hope you find your answers. I’m praying daily for you and holding thumbs that this will be the successful cycle!

    Luv ya


  3. hey Super M, most ppl don’t need the PIO shots, only dumbasses like me cos my body clearly did not get the memo to state that cyclogest is more than good enough to increase the progesterone needed for a pregancy 😉 They are also a LOT more expensive than the cyclogest.

    Thanks Elize! Your support and prayers are most welcome 🙂


  4. Hey sweetie, I know that it still sucks to have a BFN from IVF but it’s good to have some closure. I always felt better after those appointments because I felt like I had a plan too! They just so wonderful and caring too so that helps.

    Thought i’d mention, my FET was unmedicated – except for the cyclogest at the end. I started spotting before test date too…maybe I should ask about PIO shots this time too?

    I’m glad that things are looking up, thank you so much for being so special and being there for me!

    Love and hugs xxx


  5. I had one cycle off between my stim cycle & FET. That is standard at my clinic and my RE wouldn’t budge on it. He felt the ovaries needed a chance to get back to normal.

    I had 3 blasts on ice, frozen at day 6 (fresh transfer was day 4).

    I did a single embryo transfer, only needed to thaw one. It worked.

    My FET was supposed to be a natural cycle but I had no signs of impending ovulation on day 15 so I ended up doing 50mg Clomid CD15-19, then transferring after that. I did a trigger shot on ovulation day “just in case”, no other luteal phase support.


  6. Thank you for coming to leave such sweet comments on my blog. I’m so sorry this last cycle for you also ended with poor results. It’s great that y our RE is letting you pick right up and start again and that he is putting you on PIO this time. If you can, see if you can get the progesterone in ethyl oleate oil vs. the kind in sesame (which is the kind most docs prescribe first). It’s the same progesterone, it’s just suspended in a different type of oil. In my experience, the ethyl oleate is much kinder on the bottom than the sesame is.

    I’ll be thinking of you as you proceed through this next cycle – I hope that it’s THE cycle for you.
    PS – What’s 3 of a Kind? 🙂


  7. Hey Sammy,
    I’m glad you have had ‘the appointment’. Like Tam they also always gave me closure. I have never done FET, so I can’t answer your questions. But I must say I find the PIO shots quite interesting. I wonder why they never thought of giving them to me.
    But good luck really really hope this works.


  8. I’ve never made it to FET because I never have enough embies, but I am totally rooting for you! I’m so sorry your last cycle didn’t work. I’m keeping everything crossed that July is your month.

    BTW . . . I am loving your blog and want to be sure I don’t miss anything, so I’m adding you to my Google reader. Also, I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll. 🙂


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just catching up. I’m sorry about the BFN, but mostly good news from the RE right? Even if your chances of success were 90%, you can still just be unlucky. May your FET do the trick for you.


  10. As you know i have never had any frosties 😦 but I am rooting for you hun with the next step.

    I know you haven’t any concrete answers but you sound in a good place and that’s a okay with me.


  11. FET’s should be easier than the stim cycle.

    Mine weren’t, and were stressful as all getout because things kept going pear, but having said that The Fetii were the result of a x2 D2 FET.



  12. Fets..
    I’m doing one, or trying again to do a FET, been trying since april. We did the IVF in Jan/Feb, and needed to take one cycle off to rest my body. Then started the struggle of the useless lining, april it started at 1mm, way too thin, means I had to arrnage for a hysterosccopy, which we did then again with the lining etc, etc.
    I’m also doing natural cycles, so I can try to grow a lining in back to back months and it’s okay.
    I have not made it to transfer yet, not in my ivf, not in these fET attempts, so i can’t tell you if it will work.

    I have 8 embies on ice in 2 straws of 4.
    good luck with your fet


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