Back from a little piece of Heaven


I am back from a stunning, relaxing weekend in a little piece of heaven.  Honestly, Clarens is truly a gorgeous place to go and spend some time.  It is an eclectic town filled with artists, restaurants and knick knacky stores, but the best thing for me was the awesome mountain air and the spectacular scenery. 

We left on Friday morning before sparrows fart and drove to the Free State, well Cliff drove and I slept 😉  Once we hit Bethlehem we had breakfast (nothing beats a Wimpy breakfast on a road trip in South Africa) and then we meandered to Clarens.  On the way we stopped to have a look see at the Lesotho Highlands Water project – wow!  It was amazing to see what these engineers had achieved and boy is the tunnel huge!


Arriving in Clarens was a treat, it is this tiny dorpie and our guest house was bliss – we stayed in a room called “Romance” and it was just lovely.  The little touches here and there really made it superb and of course haviing our own private lounge and fireplace didn’t hurt either.  The gardens are beautiful too, I can only imagine how stunning they must be in summer.


We ate ourselves to death at stunning coffee shops, restaurants and farm stalls, walked a lot and rested a lot.  One thing that I loved about Clarens was that everyone’s dogs ran wild.  They were all over the place and were SO friendly.  I made friends with the brute at the guest house and he just loved us for the whole weekend.

One has to be really careful of the ducks in Clarens (apparently) cos there are signs all over the place indicating that you need to drive slow, the funny thing was that we never saw one duck.  Not one?  Clearly  those other useless tourists did not heed the warning signs… or perhaps it was too cold for the ducks to come out and play?

When I drove past this house, all I could think was, guess who got the house in the settlement?? 

We had such a stunning time, we’ll definitly be going back in the future – hopefully sooner rather than later.  In fact I could live in Clarens, I really could.


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