9DP3DT and Spotting

So it started this morning as a tiny bit of stretchy brown blood in my CM, nothing huge to panic about right?  As the day has gone on, it is getting progressively worse.  From a tiny brown streak, it changed into pinkish brownish CM, about two hours ago I had a small amount of stretchy CM with red blood in it and now I have just gone to the loo and I have quite a bit of pinkish reddish on the tissue paper. 

When I saw the initial red blood I called a friend who gave me my doctors cell number, I know they are in theatre today so I sent him a text message and he called me back.  He asked if I was cramping – slight period pain like cramps on and off – could be the uterus expanding to accommodate an early pregnancy he said.  He told me to go in tomorrow morning for an estrogen and progesterone level check but I am freaking out now that it seems to be getting worse.

Please, please someone tell me a story where this happened and it all turned out ok?  The way I feel today I really don’t know if I can fight this fight any longer.


13 thoughts on “9DP3DT and Spotting

  1. Oh Sammy,

    My heart sank as I read your post, I’m hoping against all hope that this is not AF coming. 9 days past transfer could be implantation bleeding tho, I do actually have a friend who had some blood on 9 days past transfer and now has a beautiful little girl to show for it!

    I did start spotting before AF arrived but that was only on 12 or 13 days past transfer so I am hoping against all hope that this is different for you!

    Please let me know how your bloods go in the morning, i’m here any time – day or night – if you just wanna chat.

    Thinking of you always xxx


  2. Hi Sam!

    I don’t have any stories to tell, but I just want to say that we are all rooting for you! *stick babies stick!* *stick babies stick!*

    You must be feeling so frightened now. I’m praying for you my friend.

    Love ya! Hang in there and keep us posted K?

    Love and hugs


  3. YES! there are lots of success stories even with spotting. i mean, it sucks, but it could stll work. they could just be implanting. bleeding in early pregnancy is so normal-especially for IVF’ers.

    i am rooting for you.


  4. Sam,

    Is there any reason you can’t poas or get a beta to know what’s going on one way or another? You’re effectively 12 dpo, which is probably far enough to test.

    I hope it’s good news,




  5. Don’t panic. This could be implantation bleeding, which would be a good thing!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news and wishing you the best!

    BTW . . . I’d like to add you to my blogroll. Do you mind?


  6. Sam

    I’m hoping that this is implantation bleeding and that your little embies are nestling into your womb. I had the stretchy, AF type cramps in my last week of 2ww, sure the witch was circling.

    Hang in their, you’re in my thoughts.


  7. O my heart just sunk as i read about the pinksih, red blood! but Tam is right it could be implantation bleeding! o please Lord let this be implantation bleeding!

    Please let us know how the blood tests go



  8. Sam,
    My greates wishes and love are sent to you today. I can just imagine the place you are in right now.
    I have no stories to give you hope. But as the other ladies say, it could be implantation bleeding. Lets hope it is.


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