Mission “Possible Symptom Obsess”

*blush* Ok, so I have been a bad, naughty girl and I need to be spanked…

I promised myself that I was not going to “possible symptom obsess” but I just cannot seem to help myself.  I don’t even know if it is physically or mentally possible to not “possible symptom obsess” during the dreaded 2ww but it seems that I sure as hell am not immune to the obsession… *sigh*

I am only 4DP3DT and I am already the super sleuth on the possible symptom watch… possible symptoms include:

  • Very weird aching ovaries and uterus – this comes and goes, but when it hits I am like “ok, I have ovaries and a uterus”.  Sometimes it even feels like someone is sticking a red hot poker right in my poor vajayjay – thankfully these pains only last a few seconds…  I probably have always had these weird aching feelings but am now super aware of every twinge so am only noticing them now right?
  • Boobs that have “come and go” sensitivity – when I wake up in the morning they are fine, but as the day progresses my nipples become increasingly sensitive, and my benign lump in my right breast becomes increasingly sore to the touch (and yes I know that squeezing and touching them will end up making them hurt but I.cannot.help.myself!). *hums “I touch myself”* Erm, logically I know that this symptom is a result of the progesterone but that nasty little worm in my head keeps saying “what if?”
  • Bloated tummy!  Right, so I never had that whole flat iron board tummy thing going down, I have always had a little “pooch” right above my panty line (which apparently is sexy?  who knew?) but this is just too much of a “pooch” for my liking… If I don’t pull my tummy in, it is like I have an actual baby in there – really it is scary, mostly because when I see my tummy like this, I can imagine myself pregnant and until I know that I am, I cannot torment myself with those thoughts. Well maybe just a little?
  • I am HOT – and I don’t mean in the gorgeous and divine way (although I am that too 😉 ) I mean in the my temperature is increased way.  Again, logically I know that this is caused by the progesterone but I think that one could probably fry and egg on my poochy bloaty tummy it is that hot…
  • HUGE chorb on my jawline!!!  It appeared out of NOWHERE!  Yesterday I had perfect skin, today I have this huge chorb on my jawline… AND is it not true that chorbs on your jawline are caused by raging hormones in your body???
  • What is it with the “pressure on the abdomen = really uncomfortable?” thing?  When I lie down and push on my abdomen (yes I KNOW I should not be doing this) it is really uncomfortable – like my uterus is expanding to make room for a baby or two?  Reaching?  Yes, sorry I am a pathetic fool.
  • The constipation!  Ooi, not pretty, that is all I am going to say (yep, yet another thing I logically know I have progresterone to thank for)

Thank heavens we are packing up and going away to Clarens for the weekend.  I am going to keep myself SO busy with art galleries, Golden Gate, and the fireplace in our room at the guest house we are staying at, that I cannot possibly concentrate on mission “possible symptom obsess”.  Yeah right 😉 



29 thoughts on “Mission “Possible Symptom Obsess”

  1. I can’t help but symptom obsess from the time I ovlulate until AF arrives (and sometimes even after she does I am convinced that a light visit could still mean I am preggers). It actually consumes my thoughts, I analyze ever feeling in my body and convince myself I am pregnant, although never am. The one month I did get the BFP I hadn’t noticed a damn thing. It’s impossible not to obsess when you are in the 2ww.


  2. Hehehehe! Okay I know it is not funny at all. But so true, it is apsolutely impossible not to analyse everysingle symptom. I remember walking around with my hand over my abdomen. But seriously……
    It’s almost time. I wish I could magically give you your BFP now.
    Lotsa love.


  3. I know all about symptom checking and been obsessive…. besides running to the loo every 5min to make sure i was not bleeding i used to constantly feel my boobs… all day i would squeeze, press and touch my boobs to make sure they were still tender an sore an bigger than usual! My hubby used to say that if he touched my boobs as often as i did he would have been black and blue from all the claps i would have given him! Its so funny though cause i used to do it all the time so can you imagine what people in the shopping malls thought. As long as my boobs were sore I had hope, hehhe


  4. It’s good that you’ll get some high-quality distraction soon–enjoy! I think that’s the only cure for compulsive symptom checking (which everyone in the 2ww is prone to). Especially since booze, exercise, and so much else is off limits.

    Progesterone is the worst. It can make any woman lose her ever-loving mind!

    Here from nclm


  5. hi , over from NCLM, your post cracked me up. The 2ww sucks. At least you still have your sense of humor. Good luck with the symptoms. I hope that you are pregnant and that your symptoms get so bad that you can’t mistake them for anything but the real deal.


  6. I am so the victim of Symptom Hunt Psychosis! It drove me around the bend this time. I wish I could go back to the cycle that grew my son (3d FET). I was so ignorant it isn’t funny but I was blissful.

    I hope the next week goes swiftly for you.


  7. You certainly sound like you’ve got some progesterone and recent retrieval symptoms on board. When do you plan to start the pee sticks of doom?



  8. Holding thumbs for you Sammie! I really really hope and pray for a BFP!

    Your guest house looks stunning! Hope you enjoy your weekend. And also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to not obsess about sysmtoms, so you might as well give in to them and just realise that you will not be able to focus on work until you get your BFP, and even then work will still suffer for some time! 🙂


  9. Oh, you are going to show up in so many freaky google searches by saying “I have been a bad, naughty girl and I need to be spanked” – I fully expect to see a post detailing exactly what people have googled in order to land here lol.

    I never knew tummy pooches were sexy – hopefully it’s a case of bigger is better!

    Hope you don’t drive yourself too crazy with the symptom search.


  10. O, no, sammy, dear sammy, you’re are so much bigger than this!

    Snap out of it, and make it…errr….snappy!

    Progesterone ovedosed body has gone bonkers, don’t trust anything it tries to whisper in your ear, it lies! Liar, liar pants on fire!

    Best of luck trying to keeping the “possible symptom hag” off your shoulder! We trust only beta hCG…remember…no?

    Enjoy ur weeked!


  11. I am already over symptoms for a cycle that hasn’t even started yet! You are not alone in your poking & prodding – all the cool kids do it.
    That vacation house looks divine- I am sure as soon as you get there you will forget all about whatever dpo you are. ha ha ha

    flashing you the nacomleavmo secret symbol!


  12. Isn’t symptom guessing part of the required process. What kind of a two-week-waiter would you be if you didn’t poke your bbs and obsess over uterine twinges! Good Luck! Here from NCLM!


  13. We have been watching The Princess Bride a lot & D really likes it which is a little odd for a 3 year old LOL. He likes to watch the bit where “they fall in the sand” which I understood straight away but then he went on to tell me that after the sand comes the “middle ide”. It took me a LONG time to figure out what the middle ide are. They are the Middle Size which is what he calls the Rodents of Unusual Size! Far too cute and too funny 🙂

    Have you read the book? It is fantastic!


  14. Progesterone is evil, evil, evil. As if the 2WW weren’t difficult enough to begin with, we have to contend with these fake (or maybe real??) pregnancy symptoms. And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not obsess over every little twitch when one’s entire being is invested in an IVF cycle. I’m sending you virtual higs and hoping that your 2WW goes by quickly and, of course, that you get a BFP!!! 🙂


  15. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all symptom obsess! For me, the only real symptom I had was waking up in the middle of the night STARVING at about 10 or 11 DPO, that is not normal for me! Then the sore boobs kicked in at about 6 weeks and the morning sickness at about 8 weeks. Kepp us posted!!!


  16. I hope all the symptoms are signs of something good, for the record I had the giant bloat and the itchy ovaries (but I didn’t get to transfer anything during my ivf cycle so was not pg)… but, never had any of the other symptoms… so that could be good news for you!


  17. Ahh…the dreaded 2ww. It’s so magnified after a transfer that you cannot help but obsess over symtoms! I hope that they are all correct and wish you the best of luck!

    (I’m over from NCLM)


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