Xenophobia in my beautiful country

South Africa has been victim to the most horrific xenophobic attacks in the past two weeks.  From what I understand this subject is not getting too much press overseas, but I think it demands it’s own fair share of time in the spotlight. 

It started as a few sporadic attacks on “outsiders” (those who live in our country but are not of SA birth IE: Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Nigerians etc etc) but to date the reported death toll is sitting at 50 and there are thousands upon thousands of people who have been displaced and thrown out of their homes.  People are losing their homes, their businesses, their lives.  This smacks suspiciously of a warped “apartheid” mentality and I am ashamed of my fellow South Africans who are part of this mob killing people.  I cannot fathom how human beings can be so bone chillingly cruel to one another and I shudder to think of the pain that our fellow African’s have been put through during this time.  In my opinion our government is not responding fast enough to this terror (it has taken our president two weeks to make an offical statement!) and I fear that if this xenophobic mind set is not nipped in the bud that we will face a civil war.

If you are local, please do what you can by donating clothes, food and blankets to your local churches or local office of the Red Cross, and if you are international please take a look at the United for Africa website to offer what ever support you can. 

But most of all if you are believers, please pray for the displaced, hurt and wounded.  They are our brothers and sisters.  But also pray for the people who perpetuated this chaos, they know not what they do.  I pray that God will deliver peace and hope to those effected most by this horrible, horrible time, and that He will heal our land.

5 thoughts on “Xenophobia in my beautiful country

  1. Thank you for your support on my blog, it means a lot.

    I am in the US and have not heard of the horror you describe happening in your country right now. It puts things in perspective for me somewhat. I am not really the praying sort but your people will be in my thoughts and my heart. And so will you, and little Numbers 1 and 11.


  2. This is so scary and sad. I have such a soft spot for Africa and it breaks my heart when I hear stories like this.

    I’ll be thinking of you and your fellow countrymen and sending positive thoughts your way.


  3. Hi – here via NCLM, (I’m on that list, but waaaaay behind on my commenting!) and am also South African, living in Cape Town, no less. Good for you on posting on the Xenophobia. Ive not written about it, and I should have.


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