Made it

All 10 embies made it through the night, and are developing as they should be.  *Huge sigh of relief* 

We need to be at the clinic tomorrow morning at 07h30 to discuss the status of our embies and to make the final decision as to whether we have a 3 day or 5 day transfer.  At this stage I am thinking we’ll transfer tomorrow, which means test date will be 06th June – a mere 10 days before my 30th birthday – what a wonderful birthday present a BFP would make.

*imagining blowing out my candles earlier than normal to wish for the BFP*


7 thoughts on “Made it

  1. WOW!!! you really have had a wonderful sucess rate so far, i just know this will carry on and that you will have the best 30th birthday present ever!!!

    thinking of yu my friend



  2. What a beautiful story! I think that they day of our embryo transfer was pretty much the most exciting day of our lives thus far, there is just something so magical about it! I will be checking back for your offical BFP!!!


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