…of my eggs fertilised!  Yay!  I have 10 embies in the incubator 🙂 

Need to call the lab again tomorrow to check their progress… So thankful that all is going well so far!! 


6 thoughts on “83.33%…

  1. well now things are going great… i mean 83.33% fertilisation!!! that is super amazing!!!!

    congrats my friend you must be feeling on cloud 9 no wait cloud 99999999999999999999999!!!

    thinking of you

    PS pity i did not get to meet you while up in jhb, definatly next time 🙂


  2. WAIT, WAIT. I need to go and find my pom poms and teeny tiny chearleeder skirt…

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Sammy’s embies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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