8 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval

  1. That picture of the number of eggs written on your hand have me goose bumps and put a huge smile on my face! Its just so sweet! How did you feel when you saw it or did you know how many eggs you had before reading it?

    Congrats on your dozen


  2. *blush* thanks so much ladies!!!

    Charne – God is so good, I was still a bit out of it and I heard the nurse say 12 eggs, and I was like “what?” not me surely… then I focused on my hand and I just smiled – love that they write it on your hand at VL – such a great touch!!

    M – Young bunch it is 🙂

    Nix – I am sending my CV to Farmer Brown today, got eggs and can cluck *grin* think I’ll get the job?


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