Trigger Happy

So I trigger tonight!!!  I am so excited I could do the happy dance, but I’m sure that the people around me will confirm the status of cooked in the head if I do, so I am doing my best to exercise a little decorum…

I will be happy with anything between 5 and 10 eggs as my scan this morning showed only about 4 on my left ovary and maybe 2 on my right that we could see at the right size of between 18 – 21mm…

But anyhoo, I am super excited and hope is flying out of my every orifice like little shiny sparkly stars with glitter balls exploding around them.  We’re doing this!  And I could be pregnant soon!  Holy Moly!


9 thoughts on “Trigger Happy

  1. Woohooooooo its trigger time!!!!

    Good luck with the ER on thursday, will be thinking of you… how wyou feeling?

    PS what time is your ER on thursday?



  2. I’m those follie’s biggest cheerleader!

    Go follies, go! Go follies go!

    Doing da happy dance! zjhwee, zjhwee, zjhwee….

    Best of luck, those triggers are eina!

    Supa Cheerleader M


  3. Well done little chicken on making those marvelous eggs. Now we need lovely embies to go home to Mama.
    Wishing you tons of love, luck and happy clappy prayers that this all results in a critter or 2!


  4. Trigger last night stung a bit but was othersise groovy!

    Super Cheerleading M, you gonna have to show me the moves for when it is your turn so I am do it for you…

    Jen – *cluck* *cluck* all the time 😉

    Mel – from your lips to Gods ears 🙂

    Nix – erm, don’t let go till I have the baby(s) ok??? Hehehe, only if you get cramp 😉

    Charne – in at 07h00 – another up before sparrows fart morning! But whatever it takes right?

    Docgrumbles – your news has me smiling up a storm! GO JAG!!!!

    Thanks Karly & Kate! 🙂 Your support means a lot…


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