Say What?

I always find it interesting to see what search terms people have used to find my little old blog, Super M posted on her search terms and I thought it would be fun to do the same… So without further ado, use these search terms and you’ll find your way to Communique 🙂

Double barrel ring names/ choice of double surname

It seems to me that I am not the only freak in the world, who wanted to explore the possiblilties of keeping my maiden name in conjuction with my married name – Yay me!  My only advise – JUST DO IT!  If only so that I can not be the only turd whose done it…

Am I still Mrs if I don’t change my surname

Uh, yes.  Make sure your prenup states it, so that if you ever leave his ass you can get your due.  Just cos you keep your surname does not make you any less married.  It’s like saying that eating less food does not make you a skinny supermodel…

How to hide a bad carpet

In my honest opinion, the only way to hide a bad carpet is to kill it… rip it up or throw it out.  Then you can go shopping for a new one!

Greek Style Birth Control

Um?  Is there something I should know?  The only greek style of birth control I know of is too nasty to share, but just in case up the bum works cos bum = no eggs… Got that?  Good, nuff said.

Swollen left arm

This one recurs quite often – if you are the same person, seek medical attention.  If you are not, gosh, hope it feels better soon – but my advise is still to seek medical attention.  Can’t lose!

Each day with with you

Yes we are all saps for our partners at one stage, but don’t get cheesy too often, they get complacent if you do 😉

Years have passed and it seems like yesterday

And how, it seems like just the other day I was starting out on this infertility journey and now years have passed…. Oh?  You weren’t here for infertility shyte?  Whoops!  Guess I better wish you more great years that seem like yesterday…

Menopur wine

I WISH!!!  This is a fabulous idea – get the best of both worlds – infertility meds and a relaxant at the same time… Lets make millions together searcher, I know of a few gals who would buy this stuff in CASE loads…

Tra la la, time to get home for a nice roasted chicken which I got the man cooking… Hmmmm, wonder if he’s doing the Naked Chef thing *nudge nudge wink wink*


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