Slow & Steady Wins the Race…

Today I was reminded of the story of the Hare and the Tortoise, you know the one where the hare is like the mouse that shouts “aireeba aireeba” but it too overconfident and eager and falls asleep and ends up losing the race to the tortoise who ran the race at a slow and steady pace? 

Why you ask?  Because my follies have decided that slow and steady wins the race…  Todays scan was ok – good actually considering that I am only on CD 11 of this IVF cycle… Lining was measuring at a nice healthy 9.5mm and I have two leading follies on the left measuring 12mm and two leading follies on the right as well also measuring 12mm…

…But I was kinda hoping for more?  Were my expectations too high?  It was just that after such a great response to the clomid (without the monster making an appearanc nogall) I was riding the high wave. Only to be dunked by today’s scan…  Lovely Doctor is happy cos as he so rightly said it is still early days yet.

So scan diagnosis is good… we’ll stick with good.

Had another 2 amps of menopur this morning, and have steadily aching ovaries so hopefully the other follies will be late bloomers and catch up.  Back bright and early tomorrow for another scan to check out the progress, if the leading follies are at 14mm, I start with cetrotide as well as the menopur until trigger for ER.

Just another day of slow and steady, cos this is one race I definitly want to win and will be doing my best not to muck it up by being too much of an eager beaver.


7 thoughts on “Slow & Steady Wins the Race…

  1. o my friend, its so true, slow and steady!

    i know you will win this race… with God in front of you and behind you and next to you how could you not win this race… He will help you win!

    Good luck for tommorows scan


  2. Try not to worry sweetie, it’s really hard to see what’s going on in there when there are lots of follies, the most they could count with me was 13 and we got 16! Also, they’ll start doing E2 bloods daily now and those are normally more reliable anyway….

    One day at a time is the way to do it my friend, it’s good that your ovaries are complaining, they’re hard at work!!

    Will keep on checking in on you, sending big hugs xxx


  3. Doesn’t sound too bleak to me! But then again what do I know?! I can’t even manage to get to CD1 of my IVF! *mumbles furiously*

    Anyhows, we’ll be checking in on your follie progress…

    Waht a nerve wrecking ride!


  4. So much better to be slow and steady than fast. Slower means the eggs have far more chance of being mature after ER. The follies also do SO much in the last few days before ER, so lots of time for things to chnage from here.


  5. It sounds like progress is being made. I recall not being happy with my follicle count at scans, and it turned out well



  6. Girls you have made me feel so much better -THANK YOU! I’m super relieved to hear that slow growth is better in terms of maturity for my eggies…


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